Demand Side Updates (December and January)

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Demand Side Updates (December and January)

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We’re constantly updating the Adform platform.  Every month we share with you a brief overview of changes, enhancements, and new product launches.  If you’d like more detailed information about one of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager.

Storytelling Rotators

We’ve introduced Storytelling Rotators, which enables you to group banners in rotators in order to create a continuous story for the user across different medias and placements. Visit our Help Center for more information and setup guidelines. 


New Asset Multi-Upload

You can now upload multiple assets or zip files using drag & drop tool. Each zip file can contain different asset types, including video and HTML. Learn more about this feature in our Help Center


Site Tracking Updates:

  • Regular Expressions (Regex) was introduced in Site Tracking rule builders. By choosing Regex option you are able to include tracking points via a single rule. 
  • New KPIs for Site Tracking were introduced.
  • You can export inactive tracking points to an excel file. 
  • You can export container tag rules to a text file. 

Visit our Help Center to learn more about Site Tracking and its updates.

Automated Guaranteed Updates:

  • Recently a change log has been introduced, displaying all modifications that were made to a line item. 
  • From now on there is also a possibility to pause or cancel the line item at any state. 
  • Publishers are now able to add a creative specification to product information, which is visible in product marketplace. 

Visit our Help Center to learn more about our Automated Guaranteed product and its updates, or read about it on our blog.

New Video Ad Formats: Pre-roll and Interactive

There are two new Video formats available on our Ad Server. Learn more about the setup in our Help Center.


Viewability for 3rd Party Ads

You can now measure viewability for 3rd party ads. Previously it was only possible to measure viewability on banners hosted and served by Adform. 


Auto-Enabling Future Campaigns in Audience-Report App

You can now select the "Include future" option in order to ensure that all newly created campaigns will have vendor trackers added automatically. Learn more about this new feature here.


Limited Number of Data Exports

In order to speed up the search for a necessary data export, your newest 500 exports will be stored in the system. The oldest file will be replaced by newest generated data export file.


ComScore for Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting

ComScore was added to a list of Brand Safety and Contextual targeting providers. Bid Ratings will bring even greater transparency & control to your programmatic campaigns by providing an independent verification of inventory prior to your bid. This will help media buyers create, run and optimize successful campaigns towards relevant audiences that truly maximize ROI. 

To learn more about ComScore, view our recorded webinar HERE

Clicks and Impressions Goal in Mobile In-App DSP

You can now set up in-app line items with Impression and Click goals, rather than just monetary values. Simply input the number of impressions or clicks you would like your campaign to achieve, either daily or for the whole duration of the line item. Learn more in our Help Center.


Interstitial Ads in Mobile In-App DSP

We have expanded support for interstitial banners for in-app campaigns. Doubleclick Ad Exchange and Rubicon Project are now integrated offering plenty of inventory for this high-impact mobile and tablet format. Read about Interstitial Ads in our Help Center.


Cross-Device Targeting in Mobile In-App DSP

From now on you can extend your targeted audience by using cross-device data. Learn more about this possibility here.


New Inventories Available in Mobile In-App DSP

Smart AdServer, PubMatic, OpenX were added to our growing list of integrations. 


Video Ads Support in Mobile In-App DSP

You can now target new inventories and apps for Video ads in mobile in-app line item. Video ads are supported by Rubicon, InMobi, LiveRail,, SpotXchange and Improve Digital inventories.


Rubicon and AdScale Video Inventory Support

In-Stream video inventory is now available through AdScale and Rubicon integrations. More integrations will be upgraded and available for in-stream ads in the near future. 


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager, who will guide you through and answer any query you may have!


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