Demand Side Updates (January)

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Demand Side Updates (January)

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We’re constantly updating the Adform platform. Every month we share with you a brief overview of changes, enhancements and new product launches. If you’d like more detailed information about one of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager or visit our Help Center.


AdWords Released New Text Ad Type

AdWords released a new text ad type – expanded text ad, which replaces standard text ads. As of January  31, 2017, you’ll only be able to create and edit text ads using the expanded text ad format. However, existing standard text ads will continue to serve alongside expanded text ads (until the end of the campaign). Learn more in our Help Center.


Site Tracking: Custom Variable Names API

You can now manage custom variable names using API service. The Same functions that are available in the platform’s UI are now manageable via API. Learn more here.


Native Ads Supply

Rubicon, InMobi and L’Agora have been added to a growing list of publishers’ inventories that are supporting native ads. For more details visit our Help Center.


Cross-Device Support in Customer Journey

In addition to cookie information that is used to build Customer Journey reports, you can now include cross-device data. Learn more in our Help Center.


Site Tracking: Click Tracking Point Update

Click type tracking point template has been updated with a check for Adform object. If Adform tracking object is not found on a page where click tracker is used (for example, user has ad blocking tools on the browser), click tracking point will not try to execute itself.


Custom Report and Reporting Stats API Updates

  • 3 new mediaplan metrics are added for user selection: Amount, Price, and Delivered Cost (%).
  • 3 new dimensions added for user selection: Connection Type, RTB Ad Position, Video Player Size
  • Exported Custom Reports (.xlsx or .csv formats) are now named as follows: <Report name>_<date>.
  • RTB audience dimension is now compatible with site tracking metrics, such as pageviews and conversions.

Learn more about Custom Reports in our Help Center


Frequency Capping for Orders

Frequency Capping function has been enabled for orders. Prior this release, capping settings were only available for campaign and line item levels. Learn more in the Help Center.


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager, who will guide you through and answer any query you may have!


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