Demand Side Updates (June 2016)

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Demand Side Updates (June 2016)

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We’re constantly updating the Adform platform. Every month we share with you a brief overview of changes, enhancements, and new product launches. If you’d like more detailed information about one of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager.


Pre-Roll Video Ad Update


When a new video file is uploaded, all asset files are automatically converted, maintaining the aspect ratio of the original video file. If a Pre-Roll banner was uploaded before May 20 2016, check if the aspect ratios of the automatically created assets match the aspect ratio of the original video file. If they do not match, use the ‘Convert to New Assets’ button to fix it. Learn more here.

Another enhancement was made in order to help you control the quality of the Video Pre-Roll banner. When uploading the video file, you will no longer be able to select the higher output quality than the original video file.


Video Player Ad Position and Size Targeting


You can now choose between which ad positions and video player sizes you wish to target.


Available ad positions: Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll and Unknown.
Available player sizes: Small, Medium, HD and unknown.


Learn more in the Help Center.


Rotators Update


The Side panel UI was updated to now enable the following full rotator edits: Change Title, add/remove backup banner, add new members, specify rotation settings or define targeting rules.

From now on you can also bulk import targeted geographical locations by simply copying and pasting city names from excel or other formats. Click for more.


Video Banner Builder Update


  • Video Banner and Video Player can now be automatically resized based on the uploaded background and video files.
  • Auto-playing videos on mobile devices are now loaded in chunks as opposed to loading the whole video before the start of initial playback.
  • Also, a new property has been added to the Video Player allowing to pause auto-playing video after 30 seconds if there is no interaction.

Learn more here.


Custom Report Builder Updates


  • New dimensions and metrics are constantly being added to the new custom report builder allowing you to include a broader set of data into the reports. 
  • The user interface and workflow of the new Custom Report Builder have been updated.
  • Viewability statistics have been updated with additional metrics: Non-Viewable Impressions, Undetermined Impressions, Impressions (%), Impressions Distribution (Viewable, %), Impressions Distribution (Non-Viewable, %), Impressions Distribution (Undetermined, %)


Banner Heat Map Report Update


Banner Heat Map report now supporting MRAID banners.


Ad Serving and Tracking Data Segment Builder Update


It is now possible to use Country and Tracking Point Name as options for predicates in AS & TD segment builder. Learn more in our DMP Help Center.


Automated Guaranteed Updates


You can now select pacing for line items. Your selection is later on sent to publisher’s ad server together with other line item parameters.


Fyber RTB Inventory Available in Mobile In-App DSP


With this release you are able to target Fyber RTB in-steam video inventory.

Countries where this is available:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom


Container Tags Update


Container tags code editor box have been updated with the following features:

  • Tracking codes in container tags are now validated for code syntax issues in HTML and JavaScript, highlighting the syntax and displaying info boxes about issues in the code.
  • Line numbering now added. 
  • Expand to full screen.

Learn more about Container Tags in our Help Center


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager, who will guide you through and answer any query you may have!


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