Platform Updates January '18

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Platform Updates January '18

Every month, we would like to share with you a brief overview of the new changes, enhancements, and product launches from the last month. See what’s new in Advertiser EdgeAudience Base, and Publisher Edge and take a peek at what’s coming up in the next weeks.

If you’d like more detailed information about any of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager or visit our Help Center.


Advertiser Edge

Support for Ads.txt Initiative on Adform DSP

(January 25, 2018)

Ads.txt is added to our fraud detection and filtering. This ensures that all inventory you are bidding on in the DSP, across all connected supply sources, are verified against the publishers for authenticity, and removes bid request from non-compliant sources. Adform DSP only buys inventory from supply sources identified as authorized sellers. The use of ads.txt data is part of Adform's multi-faceted anti-fraud strategy dedicated to delivering transparent and reliable tools for the market!

For more information read here. Direct Integration

(January 16, 2018)

You have a better way to buy video ads using Teads inventory! It provides direct access to premium supply and the inventory is available for both mobile and display line items.

For more information refer here.


DMA Location Targeting in RTB Line Items

(January 30, 2018)

Designated Market Area (DMA) regions can be selected as a location targeting option in RTB Line Items. It enriches the location targeting for US market! 

For more information refer here Integration

(January 8, 2018)

You are able to report upon selected campaigns in platform with the launch of the new app! JS tracker tags can be automatically applied on selected campaigns or advertisers using the new app. 

For more information visit our Help Center.


Additional Attributes in Mediaplan Export Templates

(January 8, 2018)

The new options allow you to generate richer reports using Adform platform without additional media planning tools. New extra attributes are added to mediaplan templates.

Read here for more information.

As well you are able to create more detailed Media Plan Excel Template that includes Schedule By Month!

To read more about other additional attributes refer here.


Reservation Improvements for Print Products

(January 19, 2018)

You can request preferred date range and volume when browsing through publisher's print inventory and spend less time searching. It is an easy way to look for publication dates and inventory available. This new feature allows you to use Direct item creation flow to create Automated Guaranteed Print line items with specified volumes and data ranges.

For more information refer here.


Publisher Edge

Ads.txt Support on Adform SSP

(January 31, 2018)

Adform SSP only offers impression opportunities to all connected Demand Partners from inventory sources identified as authorized sellers in publishers’ ads.txt files! Filtering of impression opportunities from inventory sources, which are not authorized by publishers as direct sellers or reselling partners, helps to avoid domain spoofing cases, thus decreasing the volumes of "fake" inventory. This hopefully help you to increase the value of your "true" inventory as well as guarantee brand safe environments for the buyers of your inventory!

For more information refer here.


Flat Rate Types Added to AG Digital Products

(January 19, 2018)

You are able to set up products with flat rate type and sell certain site placements for certain time periods for a fixed fee and provide even more buying options for clients!

For more information refer here.


Reservation Improvements for Print Products

(January 19, 2018)

This feature allows advertisers to specify needed date range and volume and send the line item to you for further processing. Once you receive such line item, you will see desired volume and date interval in the line item's Details section.

Read more about this update here.


Audience Base

Lookalike Algorithm Improvement

(January 25, 2018)

You are able to extend your audiences more efficiently and with higher quality with the new lookalike algorithm improvements! The updated Lookalike algorithm is going to improve positive and negative samples that are taken to train the Lookalike algorithm. 

Read more here.


New Integration and Import Report Access

(January 9, 2018)

You are able to generate reports and analyze informaton about ID's Update Requests without any restrictions! The function is available for all DMP users not only for Admin users.

As well a new destination for data export is open. You can export data from Adform DMP to Adobe Audience Manager.

For more information refer here.


Updates to Come

Triton Audio Inventory Available

You will be able to buy audio inventory from a new marketplace! Triton Digital audio marketplace will allow you to unleash the power of programmatic by executing non-skippable and brand safe audio ad buys across a highly engaged digital audience!


Video Auto-play With Sound Off By Default in Rich Media Creatives With Video

Video with enabled Auto-play mode will play content without sound by default in all browsers! This will help to avoid ad blocking on Chrome browsers.


Prebid Server Integration for Adform SSP

Adapter for Prebid Server is going to be integrated in Adform SSP. This will reduce latencies, increase number of partners, and improve page load performance.


Live Preview Functionality for PPAS

You can quickly review if Advertisers' banners are rendering correctly on your websites. Once the banners are uploaded and assigned to Line Item, this feature allows to review banners in real environment - actual website and placement, and share the preview via URL, e.g. with buyers or the creative agency. All banners supported by PPAS are available for preview.


Digital/Print Selector

To simplify the process of creating Unified Line items, Adform  introduces Digital/Print selector that helps to filter out non-applicable Medias/Publishers, products, product attributes and other.


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager who will guide you through and answer any questions you may have.



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