Supply Side Updates (December and January)

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Supply Side Updates (December and January)

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We’re constantly updating the Adform platform.  Every month we share with you a brief overview of changes, enhancements, and new product launches.  If you’d like more detailed information about one of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager.


DMP Segments Available in SSP Deals

Enhance your deals by adding audience data from DMP. At the moment, only data from Adform DMP is available. Contact [email protected] in order to link DMP and SSP accounts.


Dynamic Master Tag Update

Additional variable for dynamic master tag was introduced. It is now possible to define placement position - above or below the fold.


Publishers Reporting API

Thorough guide how to get started and use Publishers Reporting API is now accessible through Publishers Help Center. Reporting API provides programmatic access to reporting data from Adform account. Use it to create custom dashboards and reports, just as you would do through Report Builder, save time by automating complex reporting tasks, integrate data with other business applications.


Malware Scanning / Ad Verification on SSP

Adform SSP started scanning ads coming from external DSPs. Malware scanning is done in collaboration with ClarityAd. Scanning is done for all unique ads on the serving side, and if ClarityAd finds a reason for blocking, it will be stopped automatically.


New Demand Partners on SSP

Three new demand partner integrations were recently released:

  1. LiquidM - buying mobile web and in-app traffic globally. 

    Supported sizes: 320x50, 640x100, 300x250, 320x480, 728x90, 640x960, 768x90, 1456x180, 1024x768, 320x150, 600x500, 1536x2048, 2048x1536.

  2. Clickometrics – buying standard web traffic from Poland.

    Supported sizes: 728x90, 750x300, 750x200, 750x100, 970x200, 950x200, 950x300, 120x600, 160x600, 300x250, 336x280, 180x150, 300x600.

  3. RTB House - buying mobile web and standard web traffic globally.

    Supported sizes: 950x200, 970x250, 970x310, 980x150, 998x200, 1000x100, 120x600, 160x600, 250x250, 250x360, 300x250, 300x300, 300x50, 300x600, 320x50, 336x280, 468x60, 480x300, 580x400, 728x90, 750x200, 930x180, 970x90, 980x120, 800x600.


Placement Filter in SSP Analytics

Use this feature in order to get the statistics about particular placement performance per day. Learn more about analytics in our Help Center.


Viewable Impressions and Clicks Goal

Campaign or line item can now be orientated towards reaching a particular number of viewable impressions or clicks. Learn more about setup process here.


Automated Guaranteed Updates

Automated Guaranteed is being constantly improved. These are the latest updates:

  • You are now able to add a creative specification to product information.
  • Tags created by Agency/Advertiser are displayed in UI.
  • You are now able to set the maximum number of impressions per day that are available to reserve/book as well as let the agency know how many impressions are available on average so that the agency could have an estimate on how many impressions could be reserved.
  • A possibility to copy the product.
  • A possibility to choose if availability check should be carried out or not before making reservation/booking.


Top Demand Widget in Homepage

Top Demand widget was added to homepage providing Yield Managers quick insights on incoming revenue and helps to identify top demand partners, buyers and advertisers. Learn more here.


Inventory Delivery in Analytics

Recently introduced Inventory Delivery report groups statistics (Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Viewable Impressions and Viewability %) by Placement and Line item. It is also possible to add Publisher, Advertiser and Campaign dimensions.


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager, who will guide you through and answer any query you may have!


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