Supply Side Updates (April 2016)

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Supply Side Updates (April 2016)

Supply Side Updates NEW

We’re constantly updating the Adform platform. Every month we share with you a brief overview of changes, enhancements, and new product launches. If you’d like more detailed information about one of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager.


Bidswitch Video Inventory 


You can now trade your inventory with DSPs connected via Bidswitch technology. It works for open and deal auctions. See the full details in our Help Center.


Google Video Inventory


You can now trade your inventory with buyers and advertisers by using Double Click Manager (DBM). It works for open and deal auctions. 


In-Stream Creative Templates Have Been Updated


Creating an in-stream template just got easier. Select from a list of predefined dimensions for the most popular video players. There is also an aspect ratio calculator to help you quickly calculate aspect ratios for selected dimensions. Learn more in our Help Center.


Automated Guaranteed Updates


  • Open Direct integration with Gameloft.
  • Possibility to configure the template name for an order.
  • Multiple publisher sites can now be shown in the product marketplace.
  • Placements grouped in Sales Trees, Websites and Webpages in Adtech Ad Server are now available in Automated Guaranteed. 
  • Basic delivery stats are now visible in the line item and order steps.
  • Improved integration with PPAS.
  • Sell side Open Direct API.
  • Ad Server custom fields support are added in the Automated Guaranteed UI (available for Adtech and DFP ad servers).

Read more about Automated Guaranteed and its updates in our Help Center.


Mobile Connection Type Targeting


With this release you will be able to target ads at visitors based on the connection type they are using on their mobile devices. It is possible to target visitors that are using Mobile data (2G, 3G, 4G), Wifi or who have connection types that cannot be identified. Learn more in our Help Center.


Roll Out of Header Bidding


Header bidding is an inventory management and selling solution, bringing equal opportunities for all demand sources and forcing a simultaneous bid.


Blog post: /products/unlock-new-demand-with-adform-header-bidding-for-publishers/
Recorded webinar:  


If you’re ready to try Adform Header Bidding and/or our Programmatic Publisher Ad Server, talk to your existing Publisher Account Manager or request one of our sales team contact you HERE.


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager, who will guide you through and answer any query you may have!


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