Supply Side Updates (April)

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Supply Side Updates (April)

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April 20, 2017

Introducing Targeting by URL

You can now create a targeting rule which will limit line items to websites provided from a specified set of URLs. Learn more in our Help Center


April 20, 2017

New PPAS Billing Report Introduced

You can now use a more detailed report to analyze PPAS billing, which will include the number of Standard Impressions, Click Tracking, Heavy HTML5 Impressions, Heavy non-HTML5 Impressions, Rich Media Streaming HTML5 Impressions, Rich Media Streaming non HTML5 Impressions and fees for all of them. The old PPAS Billing report will be deprecated on July 17, 2017. Learn more in our Help Center


April 13, 2017

Click Tracking Campaigns

It is now possible to set up a click tracking campaign. For example, you can track only those users who clicked on particular links on your website. Note that an additional fee applies when the click tracking feature is enabled (0.003 per click). Click tracking campaigns use link ads. Read more about setting up link ads in our platform. 


April 7, 2017

Custom Report Builder Update

New Demand Partner Bid Requests and Demand Partner Bid Responses metrics were added to the custom report builder and reporting stats API for user selection. Learn more about the Custom Report Builder


April 6, 2017

Introducing Browser Targeting

Browser based audience targeting is now available. Beyond simply targeting the web browser by brand, you can also target different individual versions for added control and effectiveness. Learn more in our Help Center


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager, who will guide you through and answer any query you may have!


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