Supply Side (July and August 2015)

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Supply Side (July and August 2015)

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We’re constantly updating the Adform platform.  Every month we share with you a brief overview of changes, enhancements, and new product launches.  If you’d like more detailed information about one of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager.


Updates for July and August 2015


PPAS Change Log for Campaigns and Line Items

  • New troubleshooting solution added to the PPAS for campaigns and line items
  • Records what has been changed, who made the changes and when the changes were made


PPAS Line Item List Notifications

In order to improve the Ad Ops experience we’ve added the following notifications when issues are flagged:

  • Inventory is not selected
  • Banners are not assigned to any of targeted placements
  • One of the selected placements is not targeted by any of the ads


PPAS Product Update: Adform DMP Targeting

PPAS targeting functionality has been expanded with the ability to enhance campaigns using Adform DMP data. This can be accessed through the Behavior targeting group. This feature provides publishers the opportunity to unlock additional insights about their visitors.



Once the rule is selected, user will see the following additional fields:

  • A name of a provider (e.g. Company)
  • A category (e.g. Gender)
  • A segment (e.g. Male)
  • A price set for using a rule (e.g. 0.27 EUR) 



  • Support for Max and Sum pricing models


DMP Data Providers with Limited Inventories

Publishers can now bind data inventories to a DMP account

  • In DMP account settings it is possible to set what inventories can be used with the data from a specific active account. The default setting is to Global (any inventory can be selected with the data). Administrators can now change this by specifying which (one or many) of the Inventories for current data provider are acceptable
  • When selected, restrictions will be applied to Inventory selection in the Adform DSP. If a DSP user selects a DMP data provider with restricted inventory access, warning message will be shown and only those inventories listed in the Data Provider's account will be available for selection
  • This means that the Data Provider grants usage of their data only to the trusted inventory list. All others will be filtered from the list


PPAS Campaign List Improvements

  • By default all finished campaigns will not be shown in the master list. To see them a filter value must be specified
  • A new filter for Line Item status has been introduced giving the possibility to easily find Campaigns that include Line Items of a specific status - e.g. Pending Booking.
  • Campaign status and period columns have been added


PPAS Product/Package List

  • Publishers can now start selling their inventory as a products. To start using it, navigate to the new “Products” section under the Inventory tab
  • Publishers can create packages for RTB campaigns and products for both Automated Guaranteed and Direct Campaigns.


New PPAS Homepage

We have introduced a new starting page for PPAS. The following are key features present in the preliminary release and will be expanded upon in future updates:

  • KPIs card; overview of an inventory source’s performance in Direct and Real Time selling channels (Impressions, Revenue, eCPM, CTR, Viewability). Also visible: eCPM, CTR and Viewability stats comparison by time period (day/week/month)
  • Cross Demand card; provides a quick comparison of KPIs across selling channels 
  • Line items card; simplifies workflow for ad operations specialists and includes starting soon and ending soon fields
  • Starting soon; list of line items that are about to start (in 10/30 days). Indicates if inventory, targeting and banners are assigned. Also, user is provided with the possibility to enter the edit page for individual line item attributes with a single click 
  • Ending soon; list of line items that are about to end (in 10/30 days). Indicates status, title, spend, time and end date for the line item


Client Group Filter

  • Removed from Custom Reports/Schedules UI


SSP Dynamic Master Tags Update

  • Introduced two additional variables for dynamic publisher master tags. You can now also define placement type and placement size when creating tag dynamically. 

Please find documentation here for more details:…


SSP Change Log

  • The Adform SSP now has a Change Log
  • The Change Log records Publisher, Placement and Package changes
  • The Deal Change Log has received a facelift and now matches the new Change Log design


Banner Weight in Rotators

  • When editing or creating a rotator the available banners list now displays the correct Rich Media banner weight



If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager, who will guide you through and answer any query you may have!


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