Supply Side Updates (October)

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Supply Side Updates (October)

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We’re constantly updating the Adform platform. Every month we share with you a brief overview of changes, enhancements, and new product launches. If you’d like more detailed information about one of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager or browse our Help Center.


Private Marketplace Update

You can now create an auction price deal. This means that you can sell your inventory in the Private Marketplace for selected buyers using a second price auction. Select “Auction” as the type for your deal and enter the floor price. Learn more here.


Inventory Pipeline Widget

The Inventory pipeline widget has been added to the sale’s homepage in order to provide a quick overview of available, reserved and forecast impressions. You can search and multi-select publishers and/or placements to instantly get a forecast for upcoming weeks. Read more in our Help Center.


Advertiser Access Page Update

You can now use keywords to block unwanted domains from buying your inventory. Select the “Domain does not contain” option and enter a specific word, e.g. “gamble” or “bet”. By using this feature you do not need to know the full name of the domain to be able to block it. Learn more about Advertiser Access here


Retargeting Rules Update

Retargeting has been upgraded with two additional rules that allow you to target users based on their previous behavior:

  • Viewed campaign/has not viewed campaign
  • Clicked on campaign/has not clicked on campaign

Learn more in our Help Center.


Line Items and Campaigns Were Updated with Unique IDs

With this release every Line Item and Campaign is given a unique ID. This speeds up the search for particular Campaign/Line Items. 


Automated Guaranteed Updates

  • A “Do not publish to ad server” button has been introduced to allow you to sell Products in the Marketplace and make deals when the Ad Server is not integrated with Adform.
  • You can now pause, resume or cancel the Line Item without confirmation from the buy side.
  • You can now add a time-based discount or provide an additional rebate for Products ordered from specific medias/sites.
  • Integration with Ooyala gives you the possibility to sell your video inventory as video products in the Automated Guaranteed marketplace.
  • You can now manage visibility for each media/site separately. 
  • The “Disable availability check” checkbox has been added to the Product setup.
  • You can now ask to place your products at the top of the Marketplace when setting up an integration with Adform. 
  • A new option to define default billing type (including billing strategy and reporting base settings) has been introduced. 
  • Rich Media was introduced as a new ad type for Products.


Sociomantic Integration

A new integration, Sociomantic, has been added to Adform SSP increasing the number of potential buyers of your inventory. All inventory can be sold except video. 



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