Adform Now Supports Native Ads Programmatically

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Adform Now Supports Native Ads Programmatically

NEW YORK, September 27, 2016 – Adform (, the independent and open full-stack ad-tech platform serving media agencies, trading desks, brands and publishers globally, today announced further support for the cross-channel customer journey with the release of programmatic native ads in the Adform Demand Side Platform.


Native ads blend in with the original content and allow both publishers and advertisers to offer an immersive yet user-friendly ad experience. These non-intrusive advertising experiences are more effective for obtaining consumers’ attention and such are increasingly sought out by advertisers. The use of native ads will continue to grow. Business Insider predicted spending on native ads will reach $16.8 billion in 2016 and will grow to $36.3 billion by 2021, meaning native ads will drive 74 percent of all ad revenue by 2021.


Over the last two years, Adform has helped advertisers and publishers build custom native formats that enhance the user experience while simultaneously working to meet marketers’ needs to combine their first-party data at scale. Reaching audiences at scale with native advertising challenged the industry until recently, when the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) released its OpenRTB 2.3 guidelines including standardization for native ads, which defined how advertisers and publishers should buy and sell native ads programmatically at scale. This standard has allowed programmatic ad-tech providers to include native ads in their real-time bidding ecosystems.


“The announcement of native ad support in our DSP is great news for our clients,” said Jurjen de Wal, product director of mobile solutions at Adform. “Native ads complement the behavior of the modern user, seamlessly integrating with the content they consume while delivering an immersive brand experience. Native ads allow us to tell a consistent story across devices and improve performance, with higher engagement levels than standard ad units.”


In terms of creative possibilities, Adform offers support for Native In-Feed. These in-feed units are paid stories that appear as if they are part of a news feed, and an advertiser simply includes their name, text, images and logo.


Adform’s clients will have access to the following exchanges:

  • Ligatus
  • Sharethrough
  • TripleLift
  • MoPub


Programmatic native ads will be available starting Monday, September 26, 2016. For more details or further assistance, please send an email to [email protected].


About Adform

Adform is the leading independent and open full stack advertising technology platform that encompasses data, creativity and trading into one seamless enterprise product suite servicing media agencies, trading desks and advertisers.


All of our products are modular and easily inter-operate with all other point solutions used throughout the digital advertising ecosystem.


Adform was founded in Denmark in 2002 and is one of the world’s largest private and independent advertising technology companies. With offices in 18 countries, Adform has more than 780 employees globally throughout Europe, North America and APAC.


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