Adform Releases Automated Guaranteed Buying Platform

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Adform Releases Automated Guaranteed Buying Platform

Solution provides a unified platform for fully transparent automated guaranteed buying, automating workflows and giving effective access to premium inventory for high impact, mobile & video formats


London, September 9 - Adform, the premier ad tech partner for media agencies, trading desks, advertisers and publishers, has released Automated Guaranteed, its brand new media buying platform for cross screen display advertising. Automated Guaranteed, Adform’s latest addition to their Advertiser Edge platform, transforms the previously slow and convoluted process of direct buying, effectively automating every single step of the media buying and selling process, considerably slashing man hours per campaign, while enabling advertisers and agencies to discover, book and buy premium publisher inventory packages in one single unified user interface.


Automated Guaranteed allows clients to successfully set up high impact, mobile and video campaigns across desktop and mobile devices, while providing unique availability forecasts and detailed reporting features.  This allows clients to pull fully actionable insights prior to, during, and after a campaign has run. This will give Adform clients a real-time overview of campaign progress at a granular level, summarizing their delivery, data and performance in easy to understand visuals.


Automated Guaranteed will provide Advertisers with a highly productive and effective workspace that is built into Adform’s existing platform, meaning that clients can seamlessly take full advantage of Adform’s own, as well as 3rd party ad serving capabilities, while also utilizing their DSP and DMP for remessaging and retargeting purposes.


Adform’s new Automated Guaranteed solution brings effectiveness and efficiency to the planning and execution of premium media buying, while reducing manual work to an absolute minimum. This will enable Adform clients to complete deals in seconds instead of days or even weeks, ensuring maximum return on media investments for cross screen display advertising.


Stefan Sommer, who is responsible for building Data Driven Advertising at Deutsche Telekom GmbH, said of Adform’s Automated Guaranteed release:


 ”Adform has been our ad serving partner since the beginning of 2014, managing our branding as well as our performance-based online advertising campaigns. Today, Adform is also our DSP and DMP technology provider. What makes us particularly enthusiastic about Automated Guaranteed is its ability to speed up and streamline our existing workflows while allowing us to negotiate with publishers in real time.”


Adform is currently enabling a wide range of publisher ad servers for Automated Guaranteed, includingDoubleClick, ADTECH, Cxense and Adform’s own Publisher Edge ad server, with many more to come, providing Adform’s buy side clients with an enormous array of premium inventory from the world’s top publishers.


About Adform


Adform is a media agnostic tech vendor for media agencies, trading desks, advertisers and publishers that offers the world’s only programmatic brand-led media platform supporting all aspects of multi-screen brand advertising. The Adform tech stack includes a demand side platform, third party ad server, data management platform, private marketplace, programmatic publisher ad server and a market-leading creative suite. 


Established in Denmark in 2002, Adform now has offices in 15 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.


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