Adform Rolls Out Eight New Video And Responsive Ad Formats

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Adform Rolls Out Eight New Video And Responsive Ad Formats

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New In-View and Out-Stream Formats Available Programmatically

Copenhagen and New York, NY – Adform, the premier ad tech partner for publishers, global media agencies, trading desks and advertisers, today announced the launch of eight new video and responsive ad formats, including the first In-View responsive format served programmatically via either RTB or Deal ID.


These innovative solutions include four new out-stream video formats and four new responsive formats. These formats add to Adform’s already robust suite of rich media ad formats.  All eight of the new formats can be served programmatically or as a guaranteed deal.

Combining Adform’s programmatic capabilities with these new formats gives buyers a powerful new tool, while giving sellers the ability to programmatically monetize their digital properties.

Adform’s four new programmatic-ready Out-Stream formats are:

  • Responsive In-View – This format emerges out of normal in-line text when it comes into view. If less than 50% of the ad is visible the video will pause automatically, holding its position and resuming only once more than 50% of the ad is visible. Upon completion of the video the ad shrinks, and vanishes back into the page’s normal layout and text. This format is fully responsive (even while videos are playing) which ensures it renders correctly in both mobile and desktop environments.
  • Responsive Slicebox - Run videos and traditional ads back to back all integrated into one ad unit.  Designed to sit elegantly within editorial content, Slicebox is also compatible with other interactive add-on features, such as galleries.
  • Responsive AdTabs - Starting with one or more small floating tabs situated on the edge of the screen, one click expands the tab to a video ad. The dynamic and space-friendly nature of this format makes it a highly space-effective format.
  • Video Tabs - 100% viewable video from first page load, this format shares some basic attributes with AdTabs but is fundamentally different in that it plays automatically and re-sizes on mouse over. This format is video-exclusive and makes maximum use of page real estate. 

Adform’s four new programmatic-ready responsive formats are:

  • Responsive Filmstrip – This format is an updated take on the highly popular IAB Rising Star format and enables a filmstrip that is completely responsive across desktops, tablets, and mobile.
  • Responsive Takeover Skin – This format is elegantly designed so that, subject to device and page dimensions, an ad skin will transition into a Responsive Filmstrip across different breakpoints in order to best fit the device or screen being used. It adapts and maintains a 40-50% share of voice across every break point ensuring high impact and engagement.
  • Responsive Leaderboard – A fully responsive version of the popular Leaderboard format, this is a simple but high performing responsive unit, which works smoothly across different breakpoints.
  • Responsive Native Box – This is a fully responsive multi-purpose unit that adapts across all break points. The ad can easily be designed to be native to the content and context of your website.

These new formats are easy-to-use, ready to implement and offer access to advanced performance data. Advertisers simply upload pre-roll video, and the Adform platform takes care of the rest.  Out-Stream video enables more advanced analytics, in turn providing more accurate insights into campaign KPIs.

“Our new formats offer a fresh approach for advertisers looking to leverage video combined with the scale of programmatic,” said Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Adform’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We’re excited to rollout these new formats to meet the demand for innovative online advertising solutions, while offering both buyers and sellers more transparency, flexibility and control.”

“We are actively finding new ways to use effective marketing for our clients, and we are happy that Diamonds & Pearls and Adform provided us the opportunity to run Finland’s first programmatic out-stream campaign. As an agency, we have been focusing on the impact of advertising, so out-stream is a natural step towards maximizing impact and ROI. The benefits of this format and programmatic buying are obvious, and we will surely keep using this." - Juha Halmesvaara, Digital Strategist at Voitto.

A case study done with SF Films, Voitto and Diamonds & Pearls documenting Finland’s first programmatic Out-Stream campaign can be accessed here.

This announcement comes on the heels of the launch of Adform’s new Programmatic Publisher Ad Server (PPAS). Adform’s holistic approach to marketplace solutions reduces complexity for both the buy and sell side. 

For more information on Adform’s new video and responsive formats including demo videos, please visit .

About Adform

Adform is a media agnostic tech vendor for media agencies, trading desks, advertisers and publishers that offers the world’s only programmatic brand-led media platform supporting all aspects of multi-screen brand advertising. The Adform tech stack includes a demand side platform, third party ad server, data management platform, private marketplace, programmatic publisher ad server and a robust creative suite.

Established in Denmark in 2002, Adform now has offices in 15 countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.


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