Adform Rolls Out Six New Consumer-Friendly Ad Formats

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Adform Rolls Out Six New Consumer-Friendly Ad Formats


The formats are designed to respect consumer behavior while serving the needs of advertisers and publishers

New York and London, November 5, 2015 – Adform, the world’s most productive, empowering and versatile platform for brand display advertising across devices, today announced the launch of six new consumer-friendly ad formats for desktop, tablet and mobile, designed to make the advertising experiences less intrusive to consumers, while delivering better results for advertisers and publishers.

Over the past few years, Adform has been monitoring the effect of rich media ad formats compared to traditional banner formats and found that their consumer engagement has experienced a steady upward trajectory. Rich media ad formats are six times more effective than traditional banner formats and therefore, they are the preeminent strategy for brand campaigns.

These six formats respect the elements that consumers value most in advertising: richness in content, complete transparency and respectful non-obtrusive engagement. They have been developed in response to the increase in the number of installations of ad-blocker software.

Adform’s Six New Consumer-Friendly Formats:

  • Chatterbox: Intuitive in its design, the Chatterbox invites consumers to drag an ad creative into the center of the screen to access additional information in a content hub. The hub can include a wide array of content, including videos, imagery, editorials, click-to-buys, white papers, APIs, social feeds and more. Although designed for tablets, the Chatterbox works well on desktops and multi-channel campaigns. View the video here
  • Native Box: This format features a subtle ad unit designed to mirror editorial content. The ad unit automatically resizes and stays in view as consumers manipulate the page. To promote transparency, the unit displays the brand accreditation. Consumers can choose whether to access the content. View the video here
  • Contextual Match: Contextual imagery and messaging in the editorial content are pulled directly into the ad unit's creative, allowing for a strong synergy between the brand and the consumer’s editorial journey. The format can include an additional targeted in-view unit. View the video here
  • Parallax Scroll: The scroll leverages parallax functionality to transform flat images into 3-D graphic experiences. The Parallax Scroll can be synched with the consumer’s mouse so that it activates upon rollover. Alternatively, advertisers can add scroll functionality, which grows or contracts a 3-D image as consumers move around a page. You can view the video here
  • Cinemagraph: Particularly effective on mobile, the Cinemagraph provides the perfect canvas where brands can connect to a consumer by using a variety of different creative techniques, including perfectly looped GIFs or a video. As a standalone unit, it harvests higher CTR, whilst as a precursor to a video, it avoids the irritation of an automatically played video and its accompanying sound. View the video here
  • Great Wall: Like the Chatterbox, this ad format invites consumers to access long-form content by clicking, touching or rolling over the unit to reveal a content hub. The hub can present virtually any type of long-form content, including streamed videos, editorial, click-to-book widgets, galleries and more. You can view the video here

Ollie Presswell, Marketing Manager at CBS Interactive, comments: “These formats are just what we are looking for. They are engaging, creative and unobtrusive ads that do not disrupt the consumer journey and may very well minimize the chances of our visitors installing ad blockers”. 

We are alarmed by the number of consumers who are choosing to install ad-blocking software, and of the long-term consequences it imposes on publishers,” said David Hillier, Adform’s Creative Product Lead. “But we also realize that in many ways, advertising is failing consumers, and advertisers and publishers as a result. We have an urgent need to respond to consumers by creating engaging ads that enhance their overall experience, not detract from it with annoying ads. We have analyzed consumer complaints, creating these ad formats based on their feedback and this will continue to be our ongoing focus."

These formats add to Adform’s already robust suite of rich media ad formats. All of them can be built in our HTML5 Studio. Four of these formats can be served programmatically: Chatterbox, Parallax Scroll, Native Box and Contextual Match.

For further information, contact our Brand Solutions team, [email protected].

About Adform

Adform is a media agnostic tech vendor for media agencies, trading desks, advertisers and publishers that offers the world’s only programmatic brand-led media platform supporting all aspects of multi-screen brand advertising. The Adform tech stack includes demand and supply side platforms, automated guaranteed, a third party ad server, data management platform, private marketplace, programmatic publisher ad server and a market-leading creative suite.

Established in Denmark in 2002, Adform now has offices in 15 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Belarus.


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