Adform Launches Supply Side Platform

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Adform Launches Supply Side Platform

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Adform is pleased to announce that we are significantly expanding our Publisher Edge solution with the roll-out of our new Supply Side Platform (SSP). Adform’s Supply Side Platform is built upon the quality, durability, and user-centric design which has defined our Private Marketplace, while expanding publisher’s opportunities and access.


Just as our DSP has helped simplify the demand side of the process, we’re now taking the next logical step; Today’s announcement means that we’ll be better connected than ever and ready to help you maximize your ad serving across a limitless global array of advertisers and publishers.


The Adform Supply Side Platform is integrated with the industry’s largest players ensuring the most seamless access possible. This means exciting new opportunities for publishers to offer their inventory on every device and in every format to a huge assortment of agencies, ad networks and DSPs.


Benefits for Publishers


Our Supply Side Platform will open up publisher’s inventory to a world of potential buyers, raising the demand for their inventory and data, considerably enhancing its value in the process. The selling process is fully automated, meaning your inventory can be sold in an open auction, private auction or as a fixed programmatic deal. With new demand channels, the platform expands demand for publishers’ inventory, translating into added revenue opportunities. The synergies between our Supply Side Platform and Private Marketplace further improve publishers' bottom line by raising efficiency, and retaining the level of brand safety control you’ve come to expect from Adform while driving added monetization.  


Due to Adform’s fullstack approach, our SSP is directly connected to our PMP. Publishers also have the option of using the Adform DMP to earn extra revenue on the rich demographic data they’ve collected on local audiences. This is part of our strategy to effectively help publishers help themselves.


Our Supply Side Platform also includes our Private Marketplace, where you can offer selected advertisers exclusive access to your inventory and data, and achieve premium CPMs through a variety of private agreements.


As with our PMP, you’ll always retain control and maximum brand protection. This means sales controls, price floors, white and black lists to ensure you know exactly who has access to your inventory.


Benefits for Advertisers and Agencies


The new Adform Supply Side Platform means increased ease of access to Adform’s world class inventory. This includes some of Europe’s most sought-after publishers and our inventory in both the UK and US markets. More than that, it also gives new levels of access to the largest premium collection of inventory in the Nordics – one of the world’s most exciting publisher markets.


What does this mean for your creative projects? At launch, the SSP supports all standard web and mobile formats, with support for rich media formats and video to be added shortly. We will not only give you access to this new programmatically served non-guaranteed inventory and large collection of premium inventory, but will continue to expand it and add exciting new tools and functionalities on a monthly basis. 


The Adform Service Commitment


Technology by itself can be daunting to set up. Even companies with a strong technical competency can always benefit from advice and suggestions on how to optimize their configurations and how to adapt to the latest industry trends. At Adform, we have a dedicated team that knows your industry, and will work closely with you to understand and service your needs. This means everything from our Adform Virtue Suite, to helping you get started, to actively ensure that all aspects of your experience are running smoothly.


Want to learn more? Contact your account manager, reach out to [email protected], or request a free demo. 


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