Adform Release Programmatic Publisher Ad Server to Supercharge Your Monetization

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Adform Release Programmatic Publisher Ad Server to Supercharge Your Monetization

 Inside Ppas


Today we’re announcing the launch of our brand new Programmatic Publisher Ad Server (PPAS) which is built from the ground up with a robust set of tools to simplify your workflow, empower your decision making, while opening up new ways of monetizing your inventory in the simplest and most straight-forward fashion possible. PPAS is the first launch under Publisher Edge, which is our new full stack publisher solution and will be continuing to expand over the next year.


More money in your pocket for less work from the same inventory. It’s a promise you’ve no doubt heard often enough. The trick is actually delivering.  The beauty of PPAS is that its strength doesn’t come from one lone silver bullet. It comes from a quiver full of robust tools like a single stack solution, Perfect Priority, powerful forecasting capabilities and robust analytics which collectively get you the most from your inventory.


The Problem(s)


Today we’re closer to 2020 than we are to 2010. The early 2000s are ancient history. The way Publishers do their ad serving requires a re-visit that not only asks where we came from but where things are going.  As a service provider Adform believes that the best opportunities come from synergies that solve existing problems while creating new solutions that creatively combine and enhance the best aspects of traditional workflows.


Point Solutions: The industry landscape is currently dominated by a Pandora’s Box of point solutions including separate services for handling video, mobile and desktop.  If you’re like most Publishers you need a sprawling excel file just to keep track of your login credentials. Tracking the performance of your inventory, ensuring it is compatible, and that it is properly monetized is an intricate juggling act that wastes your energy, causes unnecessary delays and keeps you from maximizing your revenue.


Premium vs. Remnant: When programmatic arrived on the scene it was allocated almost exclusively remnant inventory. RTB performed admirably and has, with time, gradually expanded its reach to include a larger and larger share of the premium inventory pie. However, the way we treat premium and remnant programmatic remains confined by the initial pigeonholed perception that these two must be treated as either/or, both in how inventory is allocated as well as what type of inventory is allocated. This approach not only lacks inclusivity, it is outdated and devoid of the holistic optimization paradigm that Publishers need.


Waterfalling & Daisy Chaining: You hate it.  We hate it. It costs you money and burns through inventory you should be getting compensated for by generating lost impressions.  It’s also exhausting constantly toying-with and tweaking things in an advanced guessing game as you struggle to maintain control while being forced to under-utilize your inventory.


Our Solution


The Full Stack: PPAS is a one-stop solution which allows for the full management of your complete media inventory.  This means mobile and desktop, rich media and video, premium formats – you name it. It’s all covered by PPAS. Publisher relevant but not directly built into PPAS? Our Adform Publisher Edge solution and all related future launches will integrate with PPAS smoothly.  Our Brand Solutions tools put control squarely in your hands and not only streamline your process, but give you more powerful resources, such as, robust new KPIs that improve the quality of service you deliver to the people who count – your advertisers and agencies.


Perfect Priority: This feature delivers all of the benefits of programmatic while still retaining the security and intimate relationships that you’ve used to build your business through traditional agreements and direct sales. Our Perfect Priority solution allows direct and real time deals to compete on every impression, with our system comparing line items in real time, determining which deal is best for the client, in turn picking the one that yields the highest CPM while ensuring full brand protection at all times. This delivers the holistic solution for handling premium and remnant inventory holistically you’ve been waiting for.


But, what about waterfalling and daisy chained passbacks? We asked ourselves what the best way to eliminate the current process was. The solution was simple: instead of running around inefficiently working down a long, subjective, list using traditional waterfall methodology we decided to grab the megaphone and to ask everyone simultaneously.  Thus, Perfect Priority was born and passbacks suffered a long-overdue death.


You read that right, with PPAS you’re no longer going to lose money on passbacks.  


Forecasting: Like the captain of a ship with radar in a storm our advanced forecasting tools tell you what’s going on in a fast, accurate and reliable fashion. We know your sales team needs digestible forecasting results that tell them exactly what they can promise the customer while your ad operators prefer always on-hand data that they can analyze at will to ensure maximum campaign delivery.  So that is exactly what our forecasting tools deliver.


Control: With PPAS you’re always in absolute control. This isn’t a push-a-button and pray solution where, like the Great Wizard of Oz, magic and mystery happens blindly behind smoke and mirrors.  Instead, PPAS is like a luxury vacation where you’ve picked the destination, done your research, know what your needs are, and a team of experts take care of the logistics necessary to get you where you want and to give you the very best results possible. From forecasting using our robust analytics data to how our Perfect Priority interface is designed, the entire PPAS solution is created with your results-oriented experience in mind. We’re constantly working with our Publishers to ensure that we’re solving your problems and frustrations, regardless of if those stem from needed features or innovative methods for streamlining your workflow.


The Value


The Adform Programmatic Publisher Ad Server has been created in response to a clear cut need expressed repeatedly by our Publisher clients. Our commitment to you is that it will simplify your process, help you maximize your revenue, and do so in a fashion that leaves you feeling empowered, not confused or overloaded. With PPAS you will:


  • Gain the highest possible CPMs from your inventory via Perfect Priority
  • Have one adserver for all of your needs (desktop, mobile, in-app, video - you name it)
  • Keep everything on your terms: You decide the price of your inventory
  • Contribute to creating a quality, brand safe and fraud-free display environment
  • Never again lose money on passbacks
  • Streamline your workflow, cut out redundant services, bypass costly waste, and gain a much better understanding of your inventory landscape


At your fingertips you’ll find new sales tools to help you monopolize on the added resources PPAS will free up.  At the same time you’ll have a company committed to listening to your needs and a team of local service account managers and creatives who know you, your market, your needs, and who will feel like part of your team.


Are you ready to learn more about what PPAS can do for you and to see a demo?  Reach out to your account manager or contact [email protected] with questions and click here for a free demo.


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