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Advertiser Edge Platform Highlights

This month sees us opening up yet more Native advertising inventory sources, and delving into the world of Programmatic Audio Ads with streaming giants Spotify!


Programmatic Audio Ads Now Available on Spotify

Spotify is the undisputed champion of music streaming. The Swedish music streaming service dominates the global streaming market with an impressive 44% share of global streaming service subscribers.


Spotify’s business model is relatively simple: Spotify give listeners commercial-free access to millions of songs for a monthly fee, or provide their service for free if listeners are willing to hear ads. The vast majority of Spotify users use the free version, which is where Adform comes into the picture…


We are happy to announce that as of today, Programmatic Audio Ads across Spotify inventory are now available through our partnership with Rubicon Project! This means that you can serve audio ads on Spotify that will play between songs for millions of listeners…


What’s in it for you?

Firstly, up until quite recently, audio ads were exclusively sold through audio-only ad exchanges, and buys were complete through manual IOs. Our new deals are programmatic.


Programmatic Audio is a brand new way of purchasing inventory across a medium that is exploding across the world, giving you a unique way to connect with millions of listeners in situations where digital advertising normally is unable to reach them, such as while they are working out, driving, doing the dishes, relaxing on the sofa etc.. This will give you a unique opportunity to provide listeners with more engaging and relevant ad experiences.


To learn how to set up these campaigns, please check out our Help Section here:



AdsNative native supply now available in Mobile In-app and Display line items

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with AdsNative, in order to offer clients further choices when it comes to running native Ads. AdsNative provides a transparent programmatic connection to over 3000 publishers worldwide, where buyers can run responsive Native Ad formats across all Devices that dynamically fit the layout and design of every site, device or app.


What’s in it for you?

The benefits of Native advertising are well documented, due to its ability to present branded content in a subtle and convincing way that offers relevant and empowering information to customers. Native advertising has therefore emerged as a compelling alternative to traditional digital advertising, due to its positive effect on marketers’ ROI.


Proponents of Native Advertising point to the fact that today’s consumers suffer from “banner blindness”, caused by the fact that they are served thousands of banners every day, causing them to ignore (or possibly not even notice) banners. Native Advertising offers an immersive way to present advertising, enhancing the consumer’s experience and brand affinity by providing them with content related to their interests through non-disruptive, contextually relevant content.


Adsnative joins Ligatus, AdsNative, Sharethrough, TripleLift and Mopub as our primary Native inventory providers, but keep your eyes peeled for even more partners being added very soon!


For more info on Native Advertising, check out our Help Section here

If you would like a more extensive list of system updates this month, please check out our Demand Side Updates here.





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