Header Bidding - A Buy and Sell Side Perspective

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Header Bidding - A Buy and Sell Side Perspective

There’s no better way to understand Header Bidding’s benefits than to talk directly to advertisers and publishers about their experiences. To do this, we jumped on our bikes and made our way through the streets of Copenhagen to seek out a publisher and an advertiser to answer two simple questions; what makes Header Bidding a valuable and exciting tool and how does it help empower their business?


In this video Peter Loell, Digital Janitor at Resolution Media and Ricco Zuschlag, Director at Boliga share their experiences using Adform Header Bidding and why it’s an exciting and empowering addition to their toolkit.



Want to learn a bit more about Header Bidding?  Here’s the fundamental way it works:

Header Bidding Animation

You can supercharge the process by using our Programmatic Publisher Ad Server which provides Perfect Priority, the best way to balance guaranteed and non-guaranteed demand in a dynamic and intelligent fashion (learn more here).


Alternately, you can gain an entirely different set of benefits by using Adform Header Bidding to solve key in-app obstacles. Our easy to implement code snippet allows you to monetize in-app inventory quickly and easily. This solves many of the technical challenges associated with monetizing in-app while significantly expanding demand partner’s access to your inventory.


Want to learn more?

For a quick overview download our Header Bidding OnePager, read the launch announcement, and watch the recording of our introductory webinar.


Ready to get started?

Request a live demo and pose your questions directly to a member of our support team via demo.adform.com or, if you're already using part of our Publisher Edge or Advertiser Edge full stack, reach out to your local account representative. 


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