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Adform Audience Base - Make Your Data Work For You

We are delighted to announce that we have released Audience Base, our revamped Data Management Platform. Audience Base will allow you to collect, categorize, combine and convert your consumer data into manageable insights, which in turn can be used to significantly enhance your top and bottom line growth through effective digital advertising.


Client-Based Development

Over the last year or so, we have been in constant dialogue with numerous clients, who have highlighted the complete absence in the market of a flexible, cost efficient and powerful way to effectively and seamlessly use their data across the advertising ecosystem. At Adform, we pride ourselves with providing exactly what our clients need, so our team of 400+ developers started working on revamping our DMP solution, in order to provide the most advanced DMP in the market. The result of their hard work is Audience Base.


Make Your Data Work for You

Audience Base will help you to coordinate and utilize your data in order to make the most of your ad budgets and satisfy your clients’ expectations. Audience Base is a fully modular DMP, and can thus be used both as a natively integrated part of our full stack or as a standalone DMP, which can seamlessly integrate into any other buying option. As the driving component of the data element of our platform, Audience Base seamlessly interacts with our Trading and Creativity solutions, ensuring that users are provided with unparalleled options to drive their digital advertising. Over 500 clients currently benefit from using Audience Base within our Full Stack, and our new upgrade will provide unmatched flexibility in regards to data management, opening up the possibility of using it beyond our platform.


The Big Data Challenge

Organisations have data, a lot of data. One of the biggest challenges that today’s marketers face is that this data is severely fragmented across a wide host of channels. Each customer and potential customer leaves a trail of data across these channels, which are not fully taken advantage of when not using a DMP.  Adding to this omnichannel headache is the fact that users now own multiple devices, further adding to the complexity of handling audience data. The growth of smart TVs, wearable technology and the rise of the Internet Of Things points to the fact that we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in regards to consumer fragmentation. It is therefore sacrosanct for marketers to gain a complete and fully actionable view of their customers, which can be utilized effectively in their digital marketing campaigns. To overcome this challenge has long been an extremely convoluted and costly process. That is, until now.


Transform Your Data into your Greatest Asset

Using Adform Audience Base will enable you to effectively gain a full, holistic view of your audiences across all channels and devices, enabling you to eliminate data silos for good, helping you reconnect customer journeys, eradicate ad waste and deliver highly personalized messaging towards consumers on all platforms, across all of their devices. Audience Base provides users with a powerful solution to create unique, granular audience profiles which can be used to target across all devices and channels, enabling clients to focus on driving loyalty and lifetime value.  Our Data Management Platform is equipped with an easy to use UI, for clients to efficiently and cost effectively gain control of their disparate data for use in the Adform full stack or beyond. By collecting, categorizing and combining data in Audience Base enables users to recognize the potential of big data, by utilizing it to target and convert audiences across the world’s premium inventory.


 What’s in it for you?

Well, quite a lot actually. Audience Base provides you with maximum control in regards to 1st 2nd and 3rd party data, giving you full flexibility via unlimited taxonomies, unparalleled cookie matching rates, accurate predictions & forecasts, a Branded Data Marketplace, effective Audience Discovery tools, as well as the ability to easily combine your on and offline data.

Just ask Bülent Inci, head of performance marketing at Deutsche Bahn, who said regarding Audience Base: “We needed to take our digital marketing function to the next level. To do this, we realized that we needed to implement a centralized data management solution that can be seamlessly integrated with a number of our internal systems, e.g. CRM, email marketing or onsite tracking. With Adform, we’ve found this solution. They offer a great level of flexibility and we can now completely control all of our first party data”.


In short, using Audience Base will enable you to rapidly collect, identify, define, build, enrich and combine audience data from all of your advertising and marketing channels and devices in real time, which will allow you to gain full control of your audiences.


It’s easy.


Data Management Platforms are essential to campaign success. By using Adform Audience Base, you can rest assured that your ad budget will be wisely spent, raising your campaign efficiency, bringing your ad waste to an absolute minimum and raising ROI along the way.


Want to learn more?

Get started today by contacting us via [email protected] for further info on Audience Base, or visit to explore our additional offerings.



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