Message From Our CEO: Adform Publisher Edge Is Here

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Message From Our CEO: Adform Publisher Edge Is Here

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Adform is synonymous with great ad tech solutions for advertisers and agencies. We have built a business based on our leading ad technology, trading solutions and a data platform that are used by leading buyers in Europe and around the world. Over the last couple of years, however, we have come to several important conclusions. First, we have realized that the sum of the technologies and competencies we have built transfers quite naturally to the supply side. Many capabilities, such as, inventory forecasting, campaign prioritization, and ROI optimization that were previously unique to the sell side are now equally relevant for buy side and offer great development synergies.


GustavSecond, we believe there is a need for an independent player that has a deep understanding of ad technology, trading, work flows and data. Today the market is largely dominated by point solutions either specializing in ad serving, data management or in the monetization of remnant inventory. These providers are not able to convincingly offer a full stack publisher solution and, as a result, lead to sub optimization and reduced publisher control.


Third, we have learned that there are great business synergies to be reaped from being able to work seamlessly across both the buy and the sell side. For example, our close cooperation with publishers has allowed us to build a brand friendly buying platform where premium inventory and formats can be traded on a guaranteed viewable basis between leading publishers and brands.


These factors have presented Adform with a compelling opportunity and suggest that there is a strong need for the creation of a leading publisher platform. This platform must be aimed at empowering publishers to trade more efficiently with buyers, work more seamlessly across channels, and better yield optimize their inventory.


While such a platform would be tailored to publishers, the impact would have an equally positive effect on the buy side of the industry. By leveraging our existing expertise and focus on process optimization we can achieve more creative solutions and better efficiencies alongside data targeting and optimization. This in turn supports the goal of increasing the value of publisher inventory through delivering better results to the advertiser.


The landscape

Traditionally publishers have traded their premium inventory on an IO basis directly with buyers whereas remnant inventory, since the rise of RTB, is monetized on large ad exchanges where buyers can run performance campaigns leveraging data and optimization algorithms.


Both of these have their merits, but clearly also their drawbacks. It seems to be a choice between quality and control on the one side vs. automation and real time on the other. However, while we are passionate about eliminating wasted time and ensuring more efficient processes, we also believe that high quality inventory needs to fetch rates that reflect its quality. Hence, we are passionate about exploring solutions that will allow publishers to sell great brand friendly inventory programmatically in an automated fashion across all relevant channels including mobile and video.


The consolidation threat

We’re currently witnessing significant consolidation and the emergence of several juggernauts who not only provide publisher solutions but who also make a significant portion of their revenue as publishers themselves. Some see this as an advantage, whereas some recognize a threat due to conflicting interests and a lack of neutrality.


With some of these providers making significant revenues off their own ad inventory it is understandable that many publishers have openly questioned why they should grant them the keys to their most closely guarded secrets. Doing so may be regarded as a potentially dangerous, slippery slope. Others question if they have a choice. After all, it is hard to compete with the giants when you don’t have equally powerful tools at your own disposal.


At Adform we see a market where a lot of publishers are in danger of gradually losing their independence due to a lack of technology and technical competences at their disposal. That would be a travesty and highly detrimental for the market as a whole. Publishers need sophisticated solutions to effectively take advantage of data and automation as well as to pursue new revenue opportunities in order to ensure a competitive and independent future. They also need the providers of these solutions to be fully aligned with their goals, truly committed to their success, and able to understand their business needs.


Our solution? The new Adform Publisher Edge

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Adform Publisher Edge, our new platform which will significantly expand the quality of our offering to publishers. The next few months will see us launch a series of new solutions which will add up to an unparalleled offering to publishers.


Publisher Edge will provide the freedom and flexibility to choose how to monetize and manage inventory. We will deliver a platform that helps publishers benefit from time savings, yield optimization, and new revenue streams. And publishers who choose to work with us will benefit from our network of local technical teams across 15 countries who work relentlessly to ensure client success.


The first launch will be in April but stay tuned as a number of subsequent updates and launches will follow during 2015.


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