Six New Integrations in March!

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Six New Integrations in March!

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As part of our Adform Virtue initiative we’re focusing on new ways to ensure a brand friendly programmatic environment that is brand safe, highly creative, fraud free, and which provides quality display advertising to all of Adform’s clients. As part of Adform Virtue we’re constantly looking for new tools and partners to integrate with who can help us accomplish this goal. This means maximizing the value you get from the Adform platform and making your life easier.


These latest integrations are a combination of internal and external additions, each with exciting new technology partners. In February and March we have six new integrations to share with you. These are live and you can start enjoying their benefits immediately.


Some of you may have already started taking full advantage of them, for others – here are the latest exciting integrations for you to be aware of! We’re sure you’re already familiar with some of these partners, but take a few moments to look over the list and see who else we’ve teamed up with.


ADmantX Interest Segments – ADmantX specializes in delivering interest targeting through the Adform DSP. With a strong semantic technological background the company delivers cookie-less analysis and profile generation that is both consistent and enables audience targeting across large segments and multiple markets. This technique takes into account sentiment analysis, semantic understanding and natural language processing to ensure you get the optimal return on your advertising investment.


Datorama – Datorama is a marketing intelligence company that provides a powerful marketing data hub for the management and analysis of vast amounts of data. Through this new integration you’ll be able to import data about your Adform campaigns into the Datorama dashboard. The result is a robust overview that allows you to aggregate data from all of your supported marketing activities, platforms, and tools.


MobileAppTracking by Tune – Use this tool to help track marketing campaigns across multiple ad networks. The solution helps with the collection of ad network identifiers, postback installs, and other conversions while facilitating centralized handling of reporting and campaign management which makes your overall experience simple, stable, and safe.


Integral Ad Science – Integral delivers a robust insights platform with high quality metrics particularly tailored to evaluating pre-bid viewability. This service helps reduce susceptibility to fraudulent inventory and provides a better informed auction experience.


Iponweb Bidswitch – Provided by Iponweb, BidSwitch maps and connects a complex range of parties, protocols and data signals. In turn they use intelligent routing and the layering of critical global-level services such as fraud detection to improve trading efficiency. This creates a more stable, reliable, and user-friendly experience that expands your access to inventory and in turn generates new opportunities.


Grapeshot – A keyword and content matching service, Grapeshot’s powerful tools help identify and match ads with best-fit content. With the ability to analyze more than 1 billion pre-bid ads per hour Grapeshot’s contextual analysis engine helps you pre-filter domains ensuring that your brand is always completely protected. This in turn aids in reducing your bid cost while upping campaign efficiency and effectiveness.


We are dedicated to constantly providing you with the latest in advertising technology and related services. As a result, we are proud to introduce these new integrations and are confident that they will improve your Adform experience. Stay tuned for more updates on the Adform Virtue initiative!


If you have questions or are ready to start implementing some of these integrations please contact your local account manager. More general questions about our approach to integrations? E-mail [email protected].


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