Time to Start Shopping for Video Inventory with the Adform SSP

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Time to Start Shopping for Video Inventory with the Adform SSP



In line with our dedication to creating the industry’s most powerful and robust Supply Side Platform (SSP), we’re happy to share that the Adform SSP, part of our Publisher Edge full-stack, now offers a robust set of video options in addition to an expansive set of integrations with major industry partners.


With Adform Publisher Edge and our SSP you can:

  • Access in-stream video
  • Access out-stream video
  • Access interactive video ads (VPAID)
  • Fully support pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll video
  • Access inventory via both open auction and deal trading


Video continues to be one of the most exciting growth areas in digital. According to the IAB, since 2015, spend on original digital video has increased by 114% while marketing spend is up 85%. There is also rapid movement towards programmatic video buying, with 41% of all digital video spend now occurring programmatically – 58% growth compared to two years ago.


Responding to this demand, we are currently working with our premium publishers on ways to open up additional high quality video inventory, including some of the best video inventory in Europe and the Nordics.  We have already seen more than 50 publishers enable Video SSP inventory and expect those numbers to continue to grow rapidly over the next few weeks.


We have enabled demand through key partners and will continue to onboard major partners over the following months. Due to our existing support for video via our Private Marketplace, extending access to this inventory via our SSP has translated into quick publisher adoption and a robust supply of video at launch.


This also includes mobile video, which is currently available through the Adform PMP, and will be open for external buys for interested publishers via our SSP in the near future.


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Adform’s inventory is available via Google DBM and Delta Projects (direct integrations) as well as our network of demand partners via Index Exchange and BidSwitch, opening up most major DSPs. The following are examples of demand partners already buying Adform video inventory: 


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Don’t see your DSP? There is a good chance we are already integrated, but, if not, getting demand enabled is a simple and straightforward process.  If you need a more technical integration, or if you are a publisher and want to make sure your video inventory is available in the Adform SSP, please contact your account manager or the Adform SSP team.  


There are many benefits for publishers utilizing our Programmatic Publisher Ad Server (PPAS) including the ability to better expose and monetize your high quality video inventory.  Combing PPAS with our SSP opens up additional management options including Perfect Priority functionality, helping publishers manage and better monetize direct, guaranteed and open RTB demand in a dynamic, transparent and efficient process.


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