Unlock New Demand with Adform Header Bidding for Publishers

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Unlock New Demand with Adform Header Bidding for Publishers

Introducing Adform Header Bidding, the powerful new addition to our Publisher Edge full-stack offering that will enhance publisher monetization opportunities, deliver efficiency increases and further enhance publisher control over available demand. With the launch of this solution we build upon more than two years’ experience working with header bidding to provide you with an inventory selling and management offering that is unparalleled in ease of setup. When paired with our Programmatic Publisher Ad Server, you’ll be able to completely scrap price tiers in favor of using the real price while also benefiting from our powerful Perfect Priority technology to drive a perfect auction between your non-guaranteed and guaranteed inventory.


“With Adform’s Header Bidding product installed we’ve seen immediate results. Setup was straightforward and Adform’s attentive technical staff made the whole process go quickly. We’re excited by the new demand we’re seeing and how it is translating into immediate revenue. Having one simplified container tag is a fantastic feature and we’re very happy with Adform’s open and unbiased approach when integrating with external partners.”

– Ricco Zuschlag, Director, Boliga


As with all Adform products, Header Bidding is designed in-line with our open and transparent approach. This means that Header Bidding, which works with the Adform Supply Side Platform, is completely neutral ensuring that the best bid wins, regardless of the source. We also integrate fully with all leading ad servers and have a dedicated team committed to constantly onboarding new integration partners.


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What is Header Bidding?


In its simplest form, header bidding is, essentially, a Meta-SSP. While content is loading a call goes out to all integrated SSPs and Exchanges, who then respond with a set bid. Once all bids are returned or the designated time-limit specified by the publisher is reached (whichever comes first), the winning bid is selected and the ad is served.


This system brings all demand sources to the table equally, forcing a simultaneous bid, instead of engaging in a waterfall process that is time intensive, costs impressions, inefficient, results in missed demand and creates numerous secondary issues.


With Adform Header Bidding, publishers are able to unlock demand, while saying goodbye to the inefficient headaches of waterfalling. All demand sources compete equally ensuring that the best bid wins, this translates into added revenue for publishers and better access for advertisers who no longer risk missing out with top bids obscured by the waterfall process. As the pure-tech full stack provider, we’re able to offer this as it’s at the very heart of Publisher Edge’s competitive offering.





Key Benefits


Adform Header Bidding is one of the easiest tools in the industry to implement.  We’ve created a container tag which makes installation, setup, and maintenance as easy as pie.  With Adform Header Bidding you benefit from the latest technology and a platform designed specifically to serve your demand needs.


The Solution to Waterfalling


No more passbacks or timed-out inventory: Removing passbacks and discrepancies from the equation means that you no longer have to worry about a drawn-out passback process which is unpredictable, adds load time and often results in missed ad serving opportunities and reduced monetization. By forcing demand partners to compete on equal footing, you’re no longer held hostage waiting for each to respond or time-out one at a time before making your decision. Instead, you gain robust increases in available demand and are positioned to better monetize your existing inventory while able to take the top price, not the most convenient or “near best” price available near the top of the waterfall. 


Unlock Demand by Eliminating Bottlenecks


Header bidding solves your demand needs by eliminating barriers that would otherwise limit or obscure demand by simultaneously exposing your inventory to multiple SSPs and Exchanges. When you bring all of these demand sources to the table, you ensure that you’re experiencing maximum demand for your inventory which in turn results in you securing true market value for your high-value inventory.


Easy Implementation


Our header bidding solution is designed in-line with Adform’s commitment to simplicity and efficiency.  With Adform, header bidding is enabled through the insertion of one simple container tag. This makes setup an easy task for your AdOps team and ends the need for highly technical, expensive and time consuming development resources. Our solution also integrates seamlessly with our Programmatic Publisher Ad Server, opening up a host of benefits that differentiate us from our competitors.


The Open and Neutral Solution


As part of our commitment to being the industry’s most open and inclusive tech provider, our header bidding solution will integrate smoothly with your existing ad server, supply side platform, or exchange. While we already have existing integrations with the majority of the industry’s most common providers, we’re happy to work with you to ensure that you have all of the tools and demand at your fingertips you deserve.


Perfect Priority Header Bidding


The Adform Programmatic Publisher Ad Server Advantage


While Adform Header Bidding is designed to work as a standalone product with all major ad servers, our header bidding solution and Programmatic Publisher Ad Server are one of the only ad server/header bidding combinations specifically designed to service the needs of publishers enhancing their demand through header bidding.


The Perfect Auction Has Arrived


When you use our Programmatic Publisher Ad Server, you’re using a platform built to integrate with Adform Header Bidding in an intuitive and inclusive fashion.  This means we’ve specifically focused on solving many of the problems your AdOps team face when implementing header bidding demand.  We do this by allowing you to pull the real price into PPAS from our header bidding solution. This eliminates one of the biggest pain points, which is the manual creation of a large number of line-item based price tiers. These price tiers are not only less accurate than using real price, but also require a significant time and resource investment as part of the setup and fine-tuning process.


The ability to import real price makes getting your data into the ad server significantly easier.  Which is when Perfect Priority kicks in. With Perfect Priority, you’re then able to ensure maximum value for your inventory by putting the result of your header bidding based auction (the best of all non-guaranteed) in direct competition with all of your guaranteed demand.  Perfect Priority intelligently compares your delivery timetables and commitments for guaranteed inventory and then evaluates when and where you can maximize the price for your inventory by utilizing non-guaranteed demand.



The Full Stack Advantage


We’ve integrated Header Bidding into the foundational development of our Publisher Edge stack.  With the launch of our SSP, PPAS and AG in 2015, we’ve built a publisher full-stack that is designed to be as modular or complete as you need it to be. There are no walled gardens, no forced preferential treatment, just the tools you need to monetize better, be more efficient, and to ensure that you’re always in absolute control over your inventory and the safety of your brand.


Getting Started


Want more information? Get the OnePager, Sign Up for our free header bidding webinar, or if you’re ready to try Adform Header Bidding and/or our Programmatic Publisher Ad Server, talk to your existing Publisher Account Manager or request one of our sales team contact you HERE.


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