We’ve Released Automated Guaranteed!

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We’ve Released Automated Guaranteed!



We are delighted to announce that we have released Automated Guaranteed, our brand new media buying platform for cross-device display advertising, and the latest addition to our Advertiser Edge platform. Automated Guaranteed will totally transform your direct deals, by automating all of your workflows in one simple, transparent and effective platform, paving the way for you to ultimately gain large returns on your media investments for all of your display advertising.


Turbocharged Orders!


It’s funny that deals agreed through traditional media planning are known as direct, when they are anything but. The average media planning workflow that you are used to is a slow, convoluted labyrinth of steps that shifts focus from value creation and instead fills your time with tons of unnecessary steps.  Think about not having to deal with the endless workflow slogs that a single media plan requires… This is exactly what Automated Guaranteed brings to the table.


Time is Money: Automate Everything


Forget all of the calls, mails and meetings. They should not, and do not have any place in modern ad tech. Automated Guaranteed will provide you with a highly productive and effective workspace for automatically discovering, booking and buying inventory, giving you the tools and features to plan dates, positions, impressions and spend with full transparency and confidence. Direct deals have simply never been easier.


Creativity at Scale: High Impact Formats Made Easy


Despite their undoubted effectiveness on the user, effective high impact campaigns are a pain for marketers and publishers alike to handle, as they require long hours of manual labor to set up in order to run effectively. Automated Guaranteed, however, delivers an extremely effective solution to this, by offering a simple plug and play platform, which allows users to set up intricate high impact, mobile and video campaigns across both desktop and mobile in minutes. Easy.


Mutual Trust = Mutual Gain


Automated Guaranteed is the latest installment in a range of releases that focus on ensuring a fully transparent trading environment, and provide quality, brand safe, highly creative and fraud-free display advertising for all Adform clients. We believe that an even playing surface will benefit both sides of the table, and Automated Guaranteed will introduce you to top publishers, giving them full confidence to trade their best inventory with you. This will considerably strengthen your buying capabilities, while allowing you to cherry-pick which sites you want to run on, cutting planning to minutes, not days.


Full Control


Our unique availability forecasts and detailed reporting features allow you to pull fully actionable insights prior to, during and after your campaign has run. This will give you a real-time overview of campaign progress at a granular level, summarizing your delivery, data and performance in easy to understand visuals. Furthermore, we offer custom pricing, ensuring that your rate-cards are updated in real time with custom prices that publishers set specifically for you.  No prices in the market are set in stone though, and Adform Automated Guaranteed exclusively enables you conduct multiple rounds of negotiations with publishers in real time, totally eliminating sluggish workflows that bog down your efficiency.


Goodbye Inefficiency


Automated Guaranteed will completely ameliorate your media planning workflow, allowing you to cut the many winding corners of the classic direct deal, giving you a far more direct and effective deal process. This brand new media buying platform will keep your operational costs low by reducing the time spent on discovering, booking and buying inventory, ensuring optimal return on media investments for all of your Cross Channel Display Advertising.


Take Advantage of the Full Stack


As part of our Advertiser Edge platform, Automated Guaranteed is just one of the many buying solutions available from within our platform. Our full stack solution provides you with the tools to rouse your target audience wherever they may be in the sales funnel. For example; imagine running a campaign via Automated Guaranteed for gaining exposure, while running a retargeting campaign through our DSP for users who interacted with you original campaign? The possibilities are endless with Advertiser Edge, and we’re glad to welcome Automated Guaranteed as the latest premium addition to our full stack solution.


Want to Know More?


For further info on Automated Guaranteed, please contact your local account manager, drop us a line at [email protected], click here for a free demo, or come by our stand at dmexco (Hall C booth C048) and have a chat about how Automated Guaranteed will revolutionize your guaranteed buying!


We are hosting two webinars introducing Automated Guaranteed for both Supply and Demand Side.


Click HERE to Join our DEMAND side Webinar on September 30 at 10.30 CET.




Click HERE to Join our SUPPLY side Webinar on October 1 at 10.30 CET. 


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