10 Tips and Tricks to Succeed with Programmatic Buying

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10 Tips and Tricks to Succeed with Programmatic Buying

You know all about the most common terms and definitions within programmatic buying from our first article, and of course you achieved deeper insight into the programmatic buying environment from the second. Today, in the conclusion of the series, we give you some tips and tricks for your future journey through this exciting new world!



01 TipGet information about programmatic buying

Programmatic buying is a popular buzz phrase, and everyone says that they are doing it. But what does programmatic buying really mean? Find out more about terms such as open auction, private marketplace, private auction, SSP, DSP, and DMP.


Get the whole picture instead of just bits and pieces!



02 TipDetermine your goals

In programmatic buying, it is essential to know what you want to achieve. Don’t do programmatic buying just for the sake of it. Find out what type of advertising awareness your products need, explore the best-fitting strategy, and determine your short- and long-term goals.


Don’t just jump on the next train. Pick the right one for you!



03 TipManaged or self-service?

There are various types of players in the programmatic buying market. While some offer fully or half-managed services, others just provide the technical platforms, allowing you to run your programmatic buying activities on your own.


Carefully evaluate which road you want to take and make your decision.



04 TipAllocate sufficient human resources

Even though programmatic buying uses automated processes to buy your media and even if you decide on a half- or fully managed service, you will still need skilled people planning, controlling, and optimizing your programmatic buying activities.




05 TipTake the safe road!

Make use of brand safety tools, such as Admantx Brand Safety in the Adform DSP, especially if you are fishing in open waters. 






06 TipBe prepared

To use fully the potential of programmatic buying, you will have to enable your Web infrastructure to support various tracking functions. Involve your IT department in the earliest stage to find out whether you can access the full potential of the technical platform you want to use. 




07 TipIt’s all about learning

Make sure to enable your team to document your programmatic buying activities right down to the last detail. You will make mistakes and wrong decisions until you find the best-fitting strategy, and it is essential to learn from those mistakes and not make them over and over again.


The benefits of programmatic buying are definitely worth it.



08 TipEvaluate the available technology thoroughly

There are many new kids on the block who want to convince you of the value of their state-of-the-art programmatic buying technology. Don’t just focus on testing one single solution; it’s better to explore what fits you best.




09 Tip

Be keen and patient

Programmatic buying is not simply a fire-and-forget button that you push and everything works perfectly as you expect. There is a best-fitting programmatic buying strategy for your products, but you need to invest time and money to find it.




10 TipKeep pace with the development

Programmatic buying is developing at the speed of light. Make sure to keep yourself posted on all recent updates, news, and articles on the Adform blog or in our webinars.





After this introduction to the brave new world of programmatic buying, we hope that you have found some key information about what will benefit you and your company. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me or your local RTB account manager.



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