Four Brand New Must-Use Out-Stream Video Formats

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Four Brand New Must-Use Out-Stream Video Formats

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If you’re running any type of video ads it’s time to hit pause.  We’ve got big news including one brand new industry format and three new Out-Stream formats that you’re going to want to put into action immediately.  These new formats are 100% programmatic friendly, add to our already extensive video formats offering, and will help ensure that publishers are able to unlock more premium video ad inventory with minimal cost and effort. This means more access to high quality video placement opportunities for advertisers and agencies eager to get creative and take advantage of the current video land-rush.


Out-Stream formats build upon the latest technologies to combine and serve up all of the functionality advertisers and publishers alike have been waiting (and asking) for.  Our new Out-Stream offerings allow you to, quite literally, take your video ads out of the traditional video stream and adds the option to serve them programmatically via either RTB or Deal ID.


More Inventory, More Options


Publishers can now seamlessly integrate video ads in new and exciting locations. Due to this, video ad inventory can be expanded far beyond current In-Stream offerings and a wealth of new inventory will be available to brand advertisers. This is great news as it significantly increases the footprint of video based brand advertising. These formats are also impactful, respectful and flexible, which means they’ll look and feel like an organic part of the website where they’re displayed, not a random afterthought. 


Different publishers have very different needs and each of these video formats can be designed to fit individual publisher’s personalized feel, regardless of their industry; from gaming publishers to fashion magazines and world class-news publications, these formats deliver what’s needed.  The beauty of Out-Stream video is that it also allows publishers who are currently experiencing a shortage (or the complete lack) of In-Stream video inventory to quickly and significantly expand their offering.  Even better, because of how Out-Stream video works and our built in In-View technology, these programmatic friendly formats often deliver more accurate and better insight against KPIs than traditional In-Stream video.


Meanwhile, in addition to opening up more dynamic video advertising placements, Out-Stream gives brand advertisers an exciting new set of tools to explore, experiment with, and to put to work.  These formats deliver exciting new creative opportunities that will not only engage and capture customers’ attention, they’re also fresh, exciting, and high intelligent.  This translates into better KPI tracking and a safer experience for advertisers looking to get maximum bang for their buck. As an added bonus, because these are Out-Stream formats, you get the visual appeal of video without forcing consumers to choose between the video they’re eager to stream and your ad.


True Flexibility


With consumers accessing the web through a plethora of different devices and browsers, responsiveness has become an essential part of the digital conversation. These formats help solve this notorious challenge and take full advantage of new responsive capabilities while also being 100% programmatic friendly. This one ad, multiple platforms and devices, approach helps both advertisers and publishers deliver campaigns that can adapt and engage people across the constantly expanding collection of devices and platforms which consumers currently use.


Of these four new formats, the most exciting is our fully programmatic capable, industry leading, responsive In-View format.  We’re the first to provide this all-in-one format and have been getting great feedback.  It provides a more seamless integration than previous formats, is fully programmatically compatible, works beautifully on mobile and is smart enough to know when to start (and stop) playing while an individual is scrolling through the page.


Below you can learn a bit more about each of these formats, or click through to see a live-demo.


Responsive In-View



This promises to be one of our most popular and beloved video formats to date and is an industry-first format from Adform. In-View launches out of normal in-line text when it comes into view. If less than 50% of the ad is visible the video will pause automatically, holding its position and only resuming once more than 50% of the ad is once again on screen. Upon the completion of the video the ad shrinks, and vanishes, back into the page’s normal layout and text. This format is fully responsive (even while videos are playing), programmatic friendly and gives you a wealth of exciting new Out-Stream video possibilities. Demo.


The Slicebox



This visually stunning format is expansive and robustly multi-purpose. It provides a user-friendly way to run videos and traditional ads back to back all integrated into one ad unit.  Designed to sit elegantly within editorial content the Slicebox is also compatible with other interactive add-on features, such as galleries. Demo.





AdTabs allow you to get the most out of page real estate while being minimally intrusive. Starting with one or more small floating visual tabs situated on the edge of the screen, one click expands the tab to an enlarged video ad which can be accompanied by an image gallery. The dynamic and space-friendly nature of this format makes it highly space-effective. Demo.


Video Tabs



100% viewable video from first page load, this format shares some basic attributes with AdTabs but is fundamentally different in that it plays automatically and re-sizes on mouse over. This format is video-exclusive and makes maximum use of page real estate.  Video Tabs are highly visual but present themselves in an engaging and non-intrusive fashion allowing for the addition of a new source of video ad content that works regardless of the size of the page or where the viewer scrolls on the page. Demo.


We’re dedicated to always offering you the latest in advertising technology, and are proud to introduce these new programmatic friendly solutions as we know that they will substantially enhance and streamline your future advertising.  Remember that you can always search all of our existing video formats on our website or contact our world-class solutions team to develop something specifically tailored to your needs and environment.


Just how effective are these formats? Click HERE to view our Out-Stream video case study with SF Films, Voitto, and Diamonds & Pearls.


Ready to click play? Implementation of these formats is done on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your account manager and our production team for a timeframe/specifics. Other questions?  Drop us a line via [email protected]


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