Four New Programmatic-Ready Responsive Formats

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Four New Programmatic-Ready Responsive Formats

 Responsive Screen


We’ve got four new programmatic capable responsive formats for you to integrate into your creative quiver. These formats are designed to be fully responsive and to seamlessly adapt to ensure maximum visibility and effectiveness on responsive websites.


These high impact, high engagement formats range from what is effectively an updated version of one of the web’s most popular banner formats to the more complex and intelligent Responsive Takeover Skin which has multiple components and a compelling on-screen presence.


Not only are these formats fully responsive, they’re also programmatic capable.  This provides you with the added flexibility and opportunity to choose between serving guaranteed and programmatic ads depending on which best matches your needs.  Are you a publisher eager to capitalize on a blend of the two? Don’t forget to learn more about our Programmatic Publisher Ad Server


With the increasing number of people accessing the web via a wealth of device and screen types, ensuring that your ads remain visible regardless of how the viewer is accessing the page is of the utmost importance, both to the effectiveness of your ad and your bottom line.


Responsive Filmstrip


An updated take on the highly popular IAB Rising Star format, this format delivers a filmstrip that is completely responsive across desktops, tablets, and mobile.  It’s simple, straight forward, and effective. Demo.


Responsive Takeover Skin


This format is elegantly designed so that, subject to device and page dimensions, a full-page ad skin will transition into a Responsive Filmstrip across different breakpoints in order to best fit the device and screen being used. It adapts and maintains a 40-50% share of voice across every break point ensuring high impact and engagement. Demo.


Responsive Leaderboard


The Responsive Leaderboard is an update to the popular IAB Rising Star Leaderboard. This format offers a full-width experience across multiple breakpoints, allowing for a large central canvass in which to house a multitude of Rich Media content. The Responsive Leaderboard offers high engagement and interactivity while sitting flush against editorial content.  This combination helps reliably garner high CTRs. Demo.


Responsive Native Box


This is a fully responsive, multi-purpose, unit that adapts across all break points. The ad can easily be designed to be native to the content and context of your website and artfully walks the line between appearing as organic content vs. sponsored advertising. The Responsive Native Box is highly space efficient and particularly good for pages featuring a large number of content boxes. Demo.


Eager to see more Adform programmatic-friendly formats?  Don't miss our recent Out-Stream Video announcement.


Ready to click play? Implementation of these formats is done on a case-by-case basis. If you want to start running any of the above mentioned formats, or have any questions regarding our offering, please contact your account manager and our production team for a timeframe/specifics. Other questions? Drop us a line via [email protected] or request a free live demo.


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