Maximum Data Protection & Control with Pixel-less Advertising

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Maximum Data Protection & Control with Pixel-less Advertising

Pixel-less programmatic advertising gives advertisers working with strict compliance departments, the opportunity to minimize the number of external companies tracking their website and ad campaigns.

This optimizes security and also allows advertisers to utilize targeting capabilities such as retargeting, dynamic creative optimization, contextual or behavioural targeting, without the need for implementing a set of tracking pixels, which costs money and delays the process (if possible at all).

Increased Ad Relevancy with Pixel-less Advertising

Let’s say one global banking brand decides to deliver a campaign utilizing pixel-less advertising with Adform:

You can create a high-impact ad using the Adform HTML5 Studio, e.g. a new mortgage product to existing account  holders.

Adform serves the ads, as usual, but an analytics system on the advertiser's site tracks activity (clicks,  engagements, etc).  

The analytics system synchronizes the advertiser's site data with Adform on either the landing page or when the ad is first served, creating Adform IDs.

You can utilize the Adform DMP to collect, manage, activate and analyze your data, audiences and campaigns.


5Using the Adform DMP, a segment can be created to retarget users who had engaged with the advert in the first   phase of the campaign with high-impact video ads.


6Adform IDs are then sent to Adform (a direct server-to-server integration).

So, because of pixel-less advertising, no third parties track your ad campaigns. It can be easily implemented with a small addition to the advertiser’s website code, all without the use of an analytics platform. A quick code addition that makes your digital advertising campaigns simple, relevant and rewarding.

Unique Benefits – Productivity & Effectivity Gains

  • Optimal data protection - Satisfy compliance departments by providing evidence of robust advertising and data security. Adform complete annual Deloitte audits and security tests and are fully compliant with international privacy law.
  • Maximum site security - Direct server-to-server integration means no third parties are accessing your site and your data, keeping your website truly secure.

  • Enhanced personalization - Utilize sophisticated data targeting techniques to provide your audience with the ultimate relevant message at the appropriate moment, enhancing overall consumer experience and satisfaction.

  • Reduce ad spend waste - Increased ad personalization means reduced ad wastage, enhancing your ROAS and therefore leading to higher overall business ROI.

  • Save time and resource - You save time, resources and money by managing one tracking setup.

To find out more about pixel-less advertising with Adform, get in touch with your Adform contact. If you haven't been in touch with us yet, you can find your local Commercial Director here


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