Q&A with TVTY: Combining TV Advertising With Digital for the Best Results

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Q&A with TVTY: Combining TV Advertising With Digital for the Best Results

Television has been ruling advertising budgets for a long time, but as technology continues to transform all forms of marketing and social media, TV alone is not powerful enough. Constantly popping new smart media are forcing marketers to find unique ways to reach and engage with their audiences.

Meanwhile, creating a continuing brand experience has become a mission that’s hard to achieve. Brands are continually trying to identify the ideal marketing mix that will translate to the best possible return on investment.

We met Eliott Reilhac, CEO of TVTY, to talk more about its role in combining TV advertising with digital to build one unforgettable brand experience.

EliottEliott, tell us about TVTY and what you do.
At TVTY we have created a platform that recognises all TV commercials in real time and allows advertisers to sync TV spots with online ads within a second. At the moment, our service is fully working with major TV channels in the UK, France, Italy and Germany. In a few months we’re planning to expand into even more markets.

TVTY has partnerships with ad networks and trading desks, so their customers are also able to buy digital ads synchronised with TV spots. For example, Adform is one of our partners, so all Adform clients can already run TV synched campaigns.

How can brands benefit from your service?
Users are constantly interacting with their second screen while watching TV, so in many cases TV spots remain unseen. TVTY helps brands to synchronise their TV and digital advertising, so basically there are two main promises:

First of all, TVTY allows big brands to extend the reach of their TV spots by making web a new TV channel. 

Secondly, we create opportunities for small businesses to compete with big brands as equal players. Our platform also allows brands to counterattack their competitors by advertising online when their competitors appear on TV.

Could you name a few examples of brands taking advantage of TVTY?
Among the biggest brand names using TV synched ads through our partners are: 

- McDonald's

- Microsoft

- Renault

- Orange 

- Nespresso

For example, one of our partners in France delivered in a few months more than 20M online videos synched with TV spots.

How do you expect this market will develop in the next 12 months?
Big brands are already starting to switch some of their TV budget to digital campaigns and we expect our market to grow quickly through the need for a budget rebalance because people are consuming more and more digital content on many different screens. TVTY is smoothing the transition for brands, media agencies, ad networks and trading desks. Our mission is to bridge the gap between TV and digital advertising.

Thanks, Eliott!

If you’re interested in launching an online campaign synchronised with TV spots, click here.


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