RTB Trend Report Unveils Continued Growth in Programmatic

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RTB Trend Report Unveils Continued Growth in Programmatic

The latest RTB Trend Report Q1 2014 is here! The findings confirm that programmatic trading has become mainstream, as evidenced by the continued upward trajectory of ad spending for RTB campaigns.

In the first quarter 2014, ad spending grew by 15%, a notable increase given the traditional drop off in advertising in the months that follow the holiday season. March 2014 saw the highest programmatic ad spending. The increase follows on the heels of a 366% boost in spending in 2013.

Programmatic Rich Media
Spending on programmatic Rich Media grew slightly each month in the quarter, and delivered significant benefits for both publishers and advertisers: CPMs for Rich Media banners were 103% higher than those earned from standard banners, and Rich Media CTR was 110% higher than for standard display units.

Available mobile inventory dipped slightly from the holiday season peaks, but is 433% higher than it was a year ago. For the first time ever, more than half of the mobile inventory purchased was for tablets.

Other Key Findings

  • CPCs are up slightly from 1Q 2013 to 1Q 2014, in spite of a 51% increase in the cost of inventory.
  • CTR for display campaigns are 30% higher among Windows users than they are for Apple users.
  • Mobile CTR for Android users is 10% higher than it is for Windows users.
  • CTRs on Saturday and Sunday are 25% higher than Monday through Friday, yet competition for weekend impressions is lower.

Martin Stockfleth Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer at Adform said: “The sustained growth in programmatic is a clear indication that both marketers and publishers view it as a vital component of digital advertising. We anticipate programmatic ad spending to grow throughout 2014, with a heavy emphasis on Rich Media and mobile campaigns.”

Click here to read the full Adform RTB Trend Report Q1 2014.


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