How Car Brands are Succeeding with Video Advertising

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How Car Brands are Succeeding with Video Advertising

Making automotive ads visually appealing is barely enough these days: car producers must also reveal the coolest features of the vehicle to hook the user in just a few seconds. Video advertising can surely help make an impression. Videos embedded in digital car ads enable users to learn the highlights of each car’s features, as well as displaying walkthroughs of the interior or exterior of the vehicle.


Is there a patented recipe for successfully taking advantage of a video in an ad? Not really. Jeep, BMW, Renault and Nissan show us different ways of promoting their latest car model using videos. So, sit back, relax and check out our top four picks from our Creative Space. 



Jeep - Adventure DaysTakeover, Switzerland


Jeep played smart and chose video as the primordial component of this interactive campaign to present their three different models. Users’ attention is grabbed instantly as the publisher’s site suddenly falls down while the page is loading, making room for three different videos showcasing the models – Cherokee, Renegade and Grand Cherokee. The user gets the chance to explore and learn about each model’s most significant characteristics in these action-movie-like videos. Note that you can also activate sound and watch a video in full screen! At the end of each video, users also get the chance to book a test drive, receive more detailed information or watch the next video. This format is the perfect choice for presenting more than one product in a single campaign!




BMW i8 – iPerformance, Takeover, Italy


BMW chose this interactive takeover with video to introduce the public with their brand new plug-in hybrid car. These gorgeous visuals speak for themselves – you can simply sense the vibe of the new technology. The video appears subtly on the screen – you can see the BMW seamlessly transforming into another model. Make sure you watch the video in full screen and activate the sound! This ad has more than impressive visuals: you can explore the features of the hybrid vehicle by clicking on the small icons on the right, or simply hit the “Test Drive Now” button to experience the real thing. Another perfect example of how to promote car models through video advertising!




Renault Clio – Seduction Never Ends, Takeover, Spain


What does seduction have to do with a Renault Clio? Click on this takeover to find out! To present their new Clio model, Renault chose this captivating video ad with an intriguing twist. Instead of focusing on the technical features of the car, Renault played with users’ emotions. Watch the video in full screen (not forgetting to activate the sound!) and see how the driver used the brand-new Clio to create a dinner invitation for a special woman by driving a “¿Cenamos?”-shaped route. ¿Cenamos? means “Want to join me for dinner?”, in case you were wondering. Overall, this takeover with video is yet another example of how car producers can touch users’ emotions by connecting video to online advertisements.




Nissan Qashqai - N-Connecta, Takeover, Spain


Nissan chose this engaging takeover to keep users intrigued by letting them play with their cursor to sneak-peek the new Qashqai crossover model. Suddenly, three Nissan crossovers pop onto your screen followed by the appearance of the revealing video, which emphasizes Qashqai’s crossover features. Overall, the video campaign turned out to be tremendously thrilling, just like a ride in a crossover car!



I sure know now what I want for Christmas!


Need more inspiration on how to apply video to your next online campaign? Be sure to visit our Creative Space today. And don’t forget to share your most impressive campaigns with us here!


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