Presenting the Most Creative Executions in the Entertainment Industry

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Presenting the Most Creative Executions in the Entertainment Industry

This summer, 20th Century Fox, Electronic Arts and NBCUniversal have demonstrated their creative brilliance through online advertising campaigns announcing their top entertainment recommendations – to keep you amused on those rainy days that call for staying in.


The following, visually brilliant advertising solutions have generated mesmerizing experiences that instantly grab audience attention. In each example, a video trailer is innovatively displayed in an immersive ad designed to fully engage viewers. Ready to discover these creative executions and find your favorite? Simply click on the links below!



20th Century Fox – Independence Day, Takeover, Spain


Planet Earth is in danger once again. Two decades after the first Independence Day movie release, the sci-fi masterpiece has returned to cinemas! In keeping with and emphasizing the movie’s theme, 20th Century Fox chose an impressive takeover format that provides users a sneak peek at the adventurous thriller. From the top of the site, a splendid spaceship slowly descends towards Earth, revealing the movie trailer as it lands. This creative use of the takeover format draws on the movie’s special effects to further connect with users.




Electronic Arts – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Takeover, UK


Breaking news for all the gamers out there – Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is back! Electronic Arts has recently published the latest version of its action-adventure game. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has returned to the market with an eye-catching online campaign that reveals the adventurous Faith Connors’s attempts to uncover a hidden truth inside the walls of the City of Glass. In this takeover, the image fills the screen only to break suddenly into small pieces of glass, clearing a space for the video game trailer to appear. The gorgeous and impressive imagery used in this campaign once again demonstrates the importance of visual appeal in the world of online advertising. 




20th Century Fox – Ice Age: Collision Course, Takeover, Spain


In order to capture attention and direct awareness to the movie’s premiere, 20th Century Fox chose an apt takeover to advertise Ice Age: Collision Course. Across the homepage of, a meteor’s sudden strike reveals the heroic appearance of the acorn-obsessed saber-toothed squirrel, Scrat. It undoubtedly leaves users intrigued and eager to watch the cheerful movie trailer embedded in the ad, unveiling more about how Scrat and his squad will endeavor to save the Earth. The visual brilliance of this eye-catching campaign surely captivated audiences across generations.




NBCUniversal – Mr. Robot, Takeover, UK


NBCUniversal chose a thrilling takeover in order to announce that Mr. Robot is back for a second drama-filled season! This online campaign is akin to the TV series itself – dark, mysterious and captivating. The dramatic darkening of the screen elicits an instant response, as users are then confronted with two intriguing trailers to explore: either “Order” or “Chaos.” This is an extremely clever execution, which fosters extended engagement and interaction times.



 Let’s give a round of applause for these superstars! And don’t forget to share YOUR stunning ads. For more inspiration, visit our Creative Space


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