Rich Media Continues to Excel During First Half of 2015

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Rich Media Continues to Excel During First Half of 2015

The most recent Adform Digital Advertising Benchmark Report—Measuring the Impact of Branding and Performance Campaigns is now available!


We sifted through data from nearly 140K campaigns and more than 16 billion impressions from the first six months of 2015 to identify the best strategies for marketers. The report affirms, among other findings that rich-media formats, as measured by our key metrics, continue to outperform other ad format types.


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Furthermore, we take a look back at the previous benchmark report and discover that many key trends from 2014 continue to be relevant. For instance, we understand that marketers can better connect with their online audiences by revealing suitable and engaging ad content to the users using rich-media formats. The data show a longer time spent engaging with rich and interactive ad units compared to the same period last year.

Here are some more report highlights:


  • The CTR metric continues to be broadly used to optimize and measure performance campaigns. One specific finding here is that banner type and format seem to affect the CTR rate substantially. For example, CTRs for rich-media, video, and mobile banners are 282%, 264% and 145% higher, respectively, than the standard formats.


  • Rich media produced a 13.45% engagement rate across Europe and the United States. This is 6.6 times higher than the rate generated by standard banners.


  • Rich media increased engagement time from 10.67 seconds to 11.36 seconds (a 7% boost) from 1HY 2014 to 1HY 2015. The 11+ seconds is an unusually long time for someone to engage with an ad, showing the effectiveness of this format.


  • Average video banner playtime rose 6% from 1HY 2014 to 1HY 2015. Rich-media banners with video content average higher playtimes than pre-roll or mid-roll video formats (37.23 seconds versus 34.22 seconds, respectively). These findings are welcome news for marketers looking to use rich media to engage consumers.


  • Another plus for rich-media banners is their viewability rate is 31% higher than standard banners, which deliver the lowest viewability rate, and almost 10% higher than mobile banners.

High-impact formats for desktop and mobile continue to perform extraordinarily: Engagement rates for high impact units like the takeover format deliver the highest score, as well as the best CTR, which makes it an attractive option for brand marketers. The IAB formats (Billboard, Filmstrip, Pushdown, Sidekick and Mobile Full Page Flex) have the second highest engagement rates due to the typical use of video content in those ad units, which is why marketers seeking addition scale for their video campaigns should consider these inventory types.

To download and read the full report, click here.

Want to succeed with rich-media formats? Contact us via our Brand Solutions page to find out the best strategy for you!


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