Standard vs. Rich Media! Who will win the battle?

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Standard vs. Rich Media! Who will win the battle?

We read and hear more and more about how traditional display advertising is failing to win over consumers who are increasingly losing interest in standard banner ads. Meanwhile, Rich Media formats are achieving significantly higher levels of success with online audiences. 

To settle the battle and prove there really is more benefit in using Rich Media solutions, Adform got busy and analysed how Rich Media and standard banners performed during Q1 and Q2 2012. Over 90 billion ad impressions from 18 European countries were put under our microscope to measure consumer trends and engagement with online display advertising.

As a result, the first edition of Adform’s Quarterly Media Barometer was released over one week ago and featured in an exclusive article in New Media Age. Since then, the Barometer was also mentioned in Mycustomer as well as Fourth Source.  


In this edition, we concentrated on the most significant data for Rich Media ads and in the future we will break the data down further by country and type of Rich Media format.

  • Consumers click three times more often on Rich Media ads than standard banners.
  • The time consumers spent engaging with Rich Media ads increased by 74% between Q1 and Q2 of this year.
  • The amount of time consumers spent watching online video advertising increased by 6% in Q2.
  • The engagement rates for Rich Media content are now five times higher than for standard banners.

Gustav Mellentin, CEO at Adform, commented that most of the findings are relatively aligned with what he expected but they prove that the interactive nature of Rich Media ads and the fact they can include video and game content, as well as having a larger size and premium placement, all have a significant impact.

Mellentin added: “There is a lot more opportunity to engage with Rich Media banners because of the content. So although advertisers might be paying more for Rich Media ads, it is worth it if the audience is five times more engaged. There is a significant uplift in the effect on the audience they are trying to target.”

More than words

Seeing something is worth more than a thousand words, and for exactly that reason we showcase our coolest Rich Media executions on our Creative Space. So become inspired with a few examples:

AXE ANARCHY with YouTube video integration

Norwegian Air Shuttle Expandable Takeover with Full Page Overlay

Vodafone Glider Experience

FONA Expandable Takeover with Iframe Panel 

The battle is over! Adform’s Quarterly Media Barometer clearly shows that consumers prefer Rich Media ads, even though marketers continue to invest in standard banners. Rich Media works on many levels for many campaign objectives, and is better than standard online ads. More visible and engaging, Rich Media improves both brand advertising and consumer interaction.


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