The Decline of Flash and the Rise of HTML5

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The Decline of Flash and the Rise of HTML5

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The writing is on the wall: Flash is getting ready for retirement. The first blow to Flash came when iOS devices refused to support it. Now, Google has announced that upcoming releases of their leading Chrome browser will no longer support Flash. With other browsers expected to follow suit very soon, it seems as if this has all but signed Flash’s death warrant.


We’ve been expecting this shift to occur and began making a strong push towards HTML5 18 months ago.  Our all-in embrace of HTML5 came with the creation of our highly popular HTML5 Studio, self-serve tools, and our internationally recognized end-to-end design and creative production service.  This means that for more than a year Adform has been an HTML5 first company and that we have both the expertise and knowledge to make your transition from Flash to HTML5 easy and as painless as possible.


Please note however, that we'll continue to provide Flash support and Flash ad serving where accepted. For those of you who are slowly phasing out your Flash ads or still have large Flash inventory, you’ll have options similar to the solutions we’ve provided you for serving Flash alternatives to iOS users for HTML5. It is important, however, that you realize that those options will continue to be depreciated and become increasingly limited in size, scope, and functionality as the web continues to abandon Flash.


We like to think of this as meaning that the technology is now coming of age and that you’re getting the dedicated tools you’ve wanted and needed from the get go but we fully understand that this may be an unwelcome burden for some of you.  We’ve kept that in mind when creating tools to help you with this transition and have expanded our full-service Creative Production team to ensure you have dedicated HTML5 experts available for custom jobs where you need a little extra help.


Mobile – It’s a big deal


One of the key benefits of a pivot to HTML5 is its Mobile performance. With an already significant and rapidly increasing proportion of online browsing behavior occurring on mobile, it is essential that your ads are designed using mobile-friendly tools. The shift to HTML5 not only ensures your ads can be seen regardless of the device or publisher.  It means that you’ll also benefit from ads that are more engaging and take full advantage of all of the mobile-specific benefits that come with HTML5. This is good news for publishers, advertisers and agencies alike who are now well-positioned for Mobile’s continued growth.


Adform, HTML5 and You


  • We have transparent and easy to understand pricing, timescales, and production guides for HTML5 ad production
  • We have extensive HTML5 experience and have worked closely with premium brands and premium publishers. This expertise in HTML5 ranges from simple ad units all the way up to advanced bespoke homepage take overs
  • With HTML5 you will get equal or better quality ads than you have been getting previously using Flash. Unsure how to do something? Our creative teams ready and available to help
  • We have a world class HTML5 Studio with a simple but powerful UI that allows self-service production of HTML5 ads simply and quickly
  • We boast one of the largest in-house creative design and ad production teams in the industry and team members have been selected, in-part, because of their expertise in HTML5
  • We are experts and able to consult with you and guide you through the process of converting existing Flash ads with HTML5 ads. These experts are also available to help you identify which HTML5 ad formats are best for you and your brand


The Nitty Gritty


  • Easy workflow: HTML5 Studio is fully integrated with our Ad Serving and DSP Platforms
  • You can build HTML5 ads using Adform's HTML5 Studio
    • You can use your own code even if it is created with a 3rd party tool or you can produce everything inside our powerful online studio. If you choose to use our studio, all necessary aspects are seamlessly integrated, you’ll enjoy a user-centered UI experience and you’ll have full live preview functionality
    • With our suite of do-it-yourself tools you can drag and drop your animated and rich media elements to produce banners without any pre-existing CSS or JavaScript knowledge
  • You can build HTML5 Video Banners using our Video Banner Builder which will be expanded by our soon to be released Video Studio
  • Simple and advanced HTML5 templates are available in both our HTML5 Studio and through our constantly updated Production Guides database
  • A robust Technical Support page featuring HTML5 Ad creation related articles and documentation


How Are You Doing?


In our latest audit we found that 76% of ads created by Adform clients are done in HTML5 which places themajority of you well ahead of the curve and largely prepared for the Flash to HTML5 conversion. This means that for most of you preparing for the impending Chrome update will require light house cleaning and a brief review of your existing inventory. 


Need Inspiration?


You can always reference and explore creative campaigns that we’ve highlighted in our searchable Creative Space. We’re always adding to it and updating it, so check back often or follow on socials for new additions to our Creative Space on a twice-weekly basis.


Ready to rock and roll? Please reach out to your local account manager who will be happy to handle any questions you may have. Not an Adform customer and interested in learning more? Contact [email protected] or sign up for a free demo.



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