Top Creative Executions: Learn to Represent a Lifestyle!

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Top Creative Executions: Learn to Represent a Lifestyle!

“Consumers want experiences, not things” the saying goes. It seems like this has shifted to the next level: today’s consumers want bigger, stronger and more distinct experiences. And users definitely seek the same in advertising experiences. Rule of thumb for advertisers here: develop a campaign that not only catches consumers’ attention but also inspires, guides and motivates people. While it’s a huge challenge for advertisers, it’s undoubtedly a visual pleasure for us: Sprite, Nike, SAS and Biotherm show us how brands can showcase their products and promote a certain lifestyle all at the same time!



Sprite - Refreshing Truth, Expandable Ad, Lithuania


This charming execution comes all the way from Lithuania! Sprite chose this interactive campaign to introduce users to its hip characters and their refreshing stories. Simply click on the image and the video screen expands, revealing a story of Jess, Brian and Juliet. This expandable format also lets you watch each video in full screen mode, making it a brilliant solution for an online advertising campaign.





Nike - The Switch, Floating Ad, UK


It’s not only about running shoes anymore: Nike presents their brand new film, The Switch! The story sees Cristiano Ronaldo switch bodies with an unsuspecting boy, showing the world how One Moment Can Change Everything. Nike chose the impressive floating ad format to provide users with a sneak peek of the six-minute short film. The surprise trailer is both eye-catching and inspiring—a perfect example of representing a lifestyle in online advertising.




SAS - 70 years, Interstitial, Sweden


This year, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines System) celebrates 70 years as pioneers in the sky! To mark the occasion, Scandinavians’ most preferred airline chose this impressive online ad, which surely leaves users fascinated. This interstitial format makes your screen unexpectedly turn into a runway and feature a smooth landing of an SAS aircraft. The visuals are so delicate and pleasing—just like every flight with SAS. If wanderlust is the first word that pops into your head, then SAS did a good job. Again, another perfect example of how advertisers can leave users captivated and inspired all at the same time.




Biotherm - Aquasource Everplump, Takeover, Spain


Drop dead gorgeous! Biotherm chose this vivid takeover to present their Aquasource Everplump skin moisturizer campaign. Users are gripped by a sudden splash of water that slowly fades away, making way for an inspiring video. This embedded video shows that Biotherm offers you more than a skin product—it promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Makes you want to sink your skin into the water, doesn’t it?



Curious to see more? Visit our Creative Space and share your inspiring campaigns here! We’ll make sure the most creative campaign joins our next round of most impressive online ads!


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