Top Creative Executions: Why Should Advertisers Go Big?

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Top Creative Executions: Why Should Advertisers Go Big?

“Go big or go home” as the saying goes. As an advertiser, you too can take advantage of a bigger canvas with high-impact formats for greater brand recall and recognition. These hard-to-miss rich-media formats take up a large part – or even all! – of the screen, allowing an infinite list of interactive features to capture users’ attention effectively.


Curious to see some examples? We’ve rounded up the most inspiring and interactive high-impact ads we’ve seen on our Creative Space lately to share with you! These examples make room for various interactive elements, such as 3D effects, cursor followers, and turning pages.Take a look!


Volkswagen Tiguan, Takeover, Italy


Ever feel like trying out a brand new car? This Volkswagen Tiguan interactive campaign lets you do so – well, almost! The synchronized takeover first grabs users’ attention with the Tiguan’s mysteriously appearing shape, followed by a sudden roll-over, allowing us to see the car from different angles. To reveal the vehicle’s functional characteristics, the ad provides users with a variety of interactive photos and videos. And if you suddenly feel the need to take the Tiguan for a real-life ride, the ad also tells you how to book a test drive. Overall, this takeover shows that a good car has much in common with a good ad – both must be aesthetically pleased, and at the same time fully functional.

 Volkswagen Tiguan



Beefeater – This Is My London, Takeover, Spain


Another superstar of our Creative Space is this powerful campaign for the British gin producer Beefeater. Buildings that pop up out of nowhere transport users to contemporary London, where they can experience the perfect blend of tradition and trend. If you move your cursor around, the funky characters on the screen begin to shift around, while the auto-start video reveals the sophistication of Beefeater’s product. The video in the ad is nothing short of a creative masterpiece itself. It surely leaves users fascinated – and most probably fancying a G&T too.

 Beefeater - This Is My London



Warner Bros. – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, MRAID Standard, Hungary


All the way from Hungary, this mobile ad for the movie Batman v Superman is the ultimate example of how to drive users’ attention to the screen. It creates a stereoscopic feeling, as you can literally shake away the dust from an explosion by moving your phone: You have to try it out on your phone! It’s a true example of how you can have the best of both worlds: programmatic and brand advertising on ANY screen!

 Batman vs. Superman



Disney & Pixar – Finding Dory, Takeover, Belgium


Disney and Pixar have joined forces to produce a 3D computer-animated movie, Finding Dory. There’s no doubt that the movie is about to become a huge success, as did its interactive ad. The synchronized takeover was chosen as the best tool to attract viewers’ attention – the screen smoothly fills with water, while a wily octopus pushes down the movie-trailer screen. These pleasing and entertaining visualizations make you want to watch the online ad over and over again!




Did you pick your favorite? Let us know! And join our next round of most inspiring online ads by sharing your impressive campaigns on our Creative Space!


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