What do Cathay Pacific, Disney and Three Mobile have in common?

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What do Cathay Pacific, Disney and Three Mobile have in common?

Outstanding Rich Media campaign success.

Our latest European RTB Trend Report for Q1 2015 shows that ad spend on brand formats (Rich Media) grew 333% between April 2014 and April 2015. Earlier this year, the IAB* reported that as of December 2014, 44% of display ad spend on mobile is attributed to brand formats. Proof (with a pinch of salt) that Rich Media is becoming the new norm for advertisers.

We’ve pulled together the details from three big brand, Rich Media campaigns we recently created in the UK.  

The Great Wall for Cathay Pacific - a media first!  

Cathay Pacific wanted to enhance brand awareness and encourage their target audience to consider Cathay Pacific when booking travel. 

We suggested that the brand provide a visual showcase of the destinations they flew to and include content that challenges existing expectations. After these initial ideas, we started to create a new format for Cathay Pacific - we called it The Great Wall (for, I hope, obvious reasons). The Great Wall is a beautiful image gallery that includes a Carousel which allows the viewer to scroll left or right to access more content. The unit starts as a Leaderboard or MPU and expands into the Great Wall after clicking or mousing over for three seconds.

Cathay Blog


  • Engagement Rate: 2.28%
  • Average Engagement Time: 9.8 secs
  • CTR: 0.15%

View The Great Wall on tablet here.
Check out the full Case Study here.

“Every brand should be jumping on the brand format bandwagon. If not, they should reconsider their digital advertising strategy – these formats are the future” - Ollie Presswell, Digital Campaign Strategist at The Independent and The London Evening Standard


Venetian Billboard for Disney's 'Into The Woods' - a media first! 

Disney wanted to promote new film ‘Into The Woods’ to target audience and to encourage engagement through views of the ‘Into The Woods’ trailer. 

We created the Venetian Billboard for ‘Into The Woods’ - it starts life as a Billboard but after a couple of seconds, it transforms into flipping columns, like a venetian blind. The unit was designed to be high impact but unobtrusive and within standard banner dimensions. After clicking on the unit, the user is re-directed to a separate page that included the ‘Into The Wood’s’ trailer.

Woods Blog


  • Engagement Rate: 2.52%
  • Average Engagement Time: 8.67 secs
  • CTR: 0.57%

“Adform, once again, proved that they always have their clients best interest at heart. Their team did a great job building this creative.” - Shinal Patel, Multi Media Manager at Telegraph Media Group.

Let the light in, view the Venetian Billboard here.
Check out the full Case Study here.


Homepage Takeover with DCO for Three Mobile


Three Mobile wanted to encourage engagement in their #makeitright campaign and to drive traffic to Three Mobile website.

After a little discussion, Three Mobile decided on the Homepage Takeover with Dynamic Content Optimisation (DCO). As you’d expect, the Homepage Takeover includes a Skin, Billboard and an MPU but the difference with this Takeover is the dynamic content within the Billboard. Every hour, news headlines (that conformed to the #makeitright message) were uploaded enabling the Billboard to become a live news feed. After clicking on the unit, the user is re-directed to the Three Mobile website.

Three Blog


  • Engagement Rate: 53.2% 
  • Average Engagement Time: 19.68 secs 
  • CTR: 2.1% 

View the Homepage Takeover on desktop here.
Check out the full Case Study here.

So, here are only three UK examples of how Rich Media provides outstanding results for any brand. It’s a no-brainer - getting creative enhances engagement and engagement boosts sales.  To find out more about how our expertise in Rich Media can boost your brand, email our Brand Solutions team at [email protected].

*SOURCE: IAB / PwC Digital Adspend 2014. All figures are like-for-like comparisons between 2013 and 2014. 
All campaign results comparisons are according to the Adform Rich Media Benchmark Report H1 2014, unless otherwise stated.


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